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Sooner or later, each investment fund, designed for high profitability, encounters scams of the hyip projects. Of course, some websites can help investors to gain a profit, but some bring losses. An investor needs to be able to distinguish funds with high risks in order not to lose the deposit.

Attention! High-risk projects!

We have years of experience in the field of high-yield instruments. Such instruments offer great conditions of profitability and accept even small deposits, but investing in them is too risky. Many investors thoughtlessly invest in hyips in rubles and dollars and suffer losses, while others manage to get a good profit. To get into the ranks of successful investors, it is important to conduct an analysis, so as not to accidentally get to the website, which is certainly not going to pay you a profit.

Now you are viewing the section where funds with increased risks are collected. Having extensive experience in the analysis of investment companies, we pre-evaluate the chances of investors to get a profit in them and allocate those funds, which in terms of their training or marketing can be dangerous for investments. An automatic analysis system, which considers various features and aspects of the websites help us check hyips and identify their potential.

How to identify hyips that do not pay?

You can analyze the company viability by yourself. To do this, you need to pay attention to the preparation level of the site since even visually you can assume how much a hyip costs and whether its administrator planned serious work. The fact is that hyip scams are more common among funds with weak technical training, and, at this stage of the analysis, you can already drop out inefficient websites.

Creating and managing hyips are processes that require not only a lot of knowledge and skills from the organizer but also a lot of experience. Not every administrator has it and understands how to create a hyip project capable of generating income. Most beginners use scripts without a license and cheap hyip templates, however, expecting results from such websites is meaningless.
If technically the website does not cause any complaints, then you should pay attention to its marketing and promotion rate. The offered interest and terms should be moderate. Remember that the more profitable the offered investment, the higher the probability that you will not get your deposit back. As for advertising, pay attention to how the founder buys listings: how many resources he uses for advertising and how much he spends on it. For instance, Russian hyips are most often advertised locally (in the Russian-speaking market segment), which affects the viability of companies. If advertising is bought in different countries and the website is promoted by hyip bloggers, monitoring and network leaders from different regions, then the resource of work of such companies is more extensive.
If you are unlucky and you have lost a deposit, it does not mean that all hyip projects are there to steal your money. Analyze the websites yourself or pay attention to our list of risky hyips; this will help to save your money.