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There are hundreds of various HYIP projects on the Internet and they constantly migrate. Some investment websites are closed and stop working, dozens of new ones start working immediately and it’s very difficult to keep a wary eye on this circulation not even for a novice but for a trained person.
HYIP-ZANOZA monitoring is your indispensable helper in the HYIP investment world. Every second our monitoring scans hundreds of various top websites related to the truly best, reliable, popular and working HYIP projects. Our HYIP monitoring takes into account dozens of different unfamiliar nuances of investment. This includes a website security, popularity, its number of deposits, licenses for scripts, and analysis of hosting, Аlexa indicators and much more.

A person can hardly check dozens of HYIPs and decide on something really worth investing, especially mixed up with nothing good. Our service provides you with all necessary data automatically and free of charge at any time. In addition, a direct registration allows you to create an account and to compile your own rating of interesting HYIPs as well as to expand your investment portfolio, or monitor your favourite projects in time.
Our HYIP-ZANOZA service adds to its top HYIP only the best and the most popular HYIPs selected upon all the criteria. This does not provide a 100 percent guarantee, there are many high HYIP investing risks similar to any fund, but our HYIP list minimizes the risks, since as many as possible outright screw jobs are rejected.

Working HYIP projects that squarely pay

Initially all HYIP projects work and make payments of deposits. Unfortunately, most HYIPs stop paying soon due to the following reasons: a project cannot cover a very large interest for a long time, lack of experience, hacker actions, leaky scripts and much more.
The number decreases by a factor of 3-4 if HYIP projects are sorted, screening out obvious scams, but most people do not have enough strength, experience, or time. Therefore, HYIP-ZANOZA-like services are so important to monitor HYIPs.
We provide you with an actual list of selected funds. These are the best reliable HYIP projects that squarely pay and many of them work for years. Our monitoring makes your investments more accurate and significantly reduces risk to be out of pocket.