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Rules for investing in HYIPs

2020-08-04 22:24:26
HYIP projects involve both high profits and high risks. That is why those who want to try their hand in high-yield niches should always be ready for a probable loss of investment. However, if you follow certain rules, you can minimize the risks (but not eliminate!). Understanding the rules and laws of investment will allow you to gradually get to the level when profits are high and stable.

Basic information

* HYIPs (high yield investment programs) are projects, in which depositors receive interest that significantly exceeds the interest on bank deposits.
* HYIP projects promises (but does not guarantee) that you will get a stable high income. Besides, the lifetime of such a project is limited.
* HYIP platforms work on the principle of a hierarchical economy, where new system members pay for the deposits of veterans.

When deciding to invest in HYIPs, you should bear in mind that you need to invest the amount that you will not be afraid to lose in case something goes wrong.

Rules for investing in HYIPs

1. Diversify your investment portfolio. Sooner or later, each project encounters a scam of any type. Therefore, your portfolio should be balanced.
2. Participate in the affiliate program. You can make a lot of money by only sharing the referral link on various platforms.
3. Don't take the HYIP legend seriously. In 99% of cases, the information published on the high-yield project sites is pure fiction aimed at attracting private capital. Consider each project as a pyramid that will sooner or later collapse.
4. Do not use multiple accounts. Most HYIP platforms discourage or expressly prohibit using multiple accounts for any purpose. Just think about that from the security point of view, because an account is actually the key to your money.
5. Sign up on HYIP projects as early as you can. The rule here is that the first one gets everything, and the last one loses money. Thus, there is no need to rely only on the HYIP age as it is only one of the reliability parameters.
6. Minimize re-investment cases. Even if the system offers you huge profits for reinvestment, you should think twice about whether you want to continue your journey on this "ship" or if it would be wise to "go ashore".
7. Try withdrawing profits sooner. Keeping money on an internal HYIP account is ridiculously stupid. If a project goes down, the earned capital you failed to withdraw will also go down with it.
8. The greater the percentage, the lower the investment amount. Please remember that for a small project that has just been launched, your $1,000 deposit may be the "reason" for the termination of its activities.
9. Do not criticize the HYIPs you've invested in. This kind of publicity can greatly harm your reputation.
10. Invest in projects with screenshots. Obviously, the presence of screenshots does not guarantee the HYIP's solvency, but having concrete numbers enhances trust.
11. Choose projects that accept Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, and other offshore payments.

Earnings on HYIPs: summary

Making money on HYIP projects is not as easy as it might seem to a beginner. But learning the above rules can be a good start for a moneymaker's career. Bookmark this article, and you will always have the basic investor rules before your eyes. Collect your investment portfolio and use our recommendations to ensure a passive inflow of money.