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List of the lowest quality HYIPs

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Unfortunately, hundreds of investment projects include dozens of completely fraudulent HYIPs on the Internet. The technological advancement makes tablets and computers available to everyone and now thousands of schoolchildren turn to conquer the world of the HYIP industry. Unfortunately, they only have the smarts to steal other peoples ideas, designs, scripts and entire websites, and at least the short of some start-up capital leaves no chance to earn something in such HYIP projects. HYIP scams present a pyramid and the following HYIP websites must be considered fraudulent:
• monkey HYIPs are projects launched on scripts only without any design. Usually they look like part of a junk code with minimum convenience. Admins of such HYIPs do not spend on an expensive design and programmer services.
• high-yield HYIPs, offering an enormous interest per month, or even per day. They are set up only to find a greedy investor, who is driven mad by such figures.
• poor HYIPs represent Russian parasitic HYIPs in the social network, offering deposits from 1 rouble and of course they do not pay anyone.
• free HYIPs are completely stolen websites ranging from texts and investment plans to their design and scripts. It is obvious that admins of such project are short of money and those HYIPs do not pay anyone.
• hourly HYIP projects, offering accruals hourly, that is one gets high interest every hour. This is a typical HYIP pyramid, working from a couple of hours to a couple of days.
• QIWI, Yandex, WebMoney and AdvCash HYIPs hate highly profitable funds very much and often block wallets along with project money. Such HYIP projects are set up by poor administrators who eager to earn a few hundred roubles.

HYIP scams or why it is not worth investing in free HYIP projects

All of the above categories of HYIPs have very high risks and it is almost impossible to make money off them. Investing in such projects leads to a partial or complete loss of investors’ funds.
Of course, it’s very difficult for a beginner to understand and to puzzle out all details, especially if he doesn’t have any idea how to view a script license, technical data, whether the site design is stolen, whether hosting provides good protection and so on.
Fortunately, our monitoring provides you with all this and free of charge. Moreover, our service assigns the red status to such HYIPs for the above reasons and warns you of too high risks and no chance of brining in.