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Passimpay wallet review

2023-06-13 13:00:52
The modern investor cannot do without a reliable multicurrency wallet that would allow to safely store and operate digital assets without difficulties. Passimpay is a popular payment system that is actively gaining popularity on the Internet and offers its clients access to more than 45 different coins. You can find all the details about this financial tool and the peculiarities of working with it in this review.

Passimpay payment system

Passimpay payment system offers customers fast, secure and simple cryptocurrency transactions. Users can send funds in one click to any part of the world and the transactions are completely transparent and without hidden fees. As of today, more than 10,000 clients have accounts in the payment system, and their number is constantly growing. The reviews about Passimpay presented in the Internet confirm that this financial tool is chosen by both customers operating with personal funds and Internet companies.

The arsenal of functions allows experienced customers and beginners to use the wallet without any problems. The user-friendly interface and a large number of language versions make registration and access to an account as simple and fast as possible, which is easy to navigate. The ability to work with a large number of coins in one wallet at once makes the payment system an interesting tool and eliminates the need to have many separate wallets for each coin. Therefore, it is not surprising that customers choose this tool both for storing their finances and for transactions.

What are the advantages of the Passimpay wallet?

Passimpay is a wallet with many advantages, which makes it interesting for customers. The project team managed to realize the goals they set for themselves, and the payment service really stands out for its ease of use. In addition, it has other advantages that make the wallet competitive:

  • The wallet supports 45 cryptocurrencies and its interface is presented in 10 languages.
  • The minimum deposit amount equals $30 in the equivalent of cryptocurrencies.
  • Replenishment of the wallet balance is carried out without any commission.
  • The commission for withdrawal from the wallet is from 0.1% to 3.5% depending on the currency.
  • There is a two-factor authentication for security of the account, you can perform it through e-mail or through a special application with code generation.
  • There is a referral program with the possibility of earning from 5% to 10% of the referral commission, which is charged when withdrawing funds.
  • Transactions with cryptocurrencies are carried out instantly.
  • The payment system guarantees users confidentiality and the customer is not required to provide personal information when registering.
  • To create an account, you only need to provide an email address.
  • There is no customer verification procedure, no personal data is required to be provided.
  • The site has protection from Cloudflare, and there is an SSL certificate.
  • You can create a personal or business account. In this case, each of them will have optimal functionality.
  • The system has a master key to restore access to the account and protect funds from unauthorized transactions.
  • Mobile applications for smartphones are developed for your convenience.
  • The payment system can be integrated into Internet projects quickly and free of charge.
  • Technical support service operates twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, this allows customers to solve problems quickly and receive competent answers to their questions.
With such a substantial list of advantages, Passimpay has almost no significant disadvantages. Among the reviews presented on the network, some users note that they lack the possibility to operate with fiat money, but the wallet is not oriented to work with this type of finance. Otherwise, it is obvious that the system would have the need to verify users. In addition, a good alternative to the dollar are stabelcoins, which are available in large quantities.

Passimpay registration in the payment system

Every Internet user who wishes can create an account on the payment system’s website; it will not take much time and will not require much effort. The procedure is standard, you will need to specify the minimum amount of data, there is no need to pass verification or to provide personal information.
Registration in Passimpay starts on the main page of the payment system, where the user will need to use the «Sign up» button.

A new page will open where you should choose the type of account - personal or business. Below you enter your login, mail address, and come up with a strong password. It remains to tick the checkbox, confirming that you agree with the terms of the project and its privacy policy. After that, complete the registration with the button «Sign up».

The registration procedure does not end with this, as the user needs to confirm the email address specified when creating the account. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address and will be valid for one hour.

Use the «Log in» button to access your account. In the registration form enter the mail address or your login and a password. A code to sign in your account will be sent to the specified in the registration e-mail address, you must enter it on the website of the payment system.

As this is the first time you have logged into your account, you will be given a master key, which you will need to restore access to your account (if necessary) and to make transfers. First of all, you will be acquainted with some rules of storage and usage of the master-key - you need to tick all the boxes and then press the button «Continue».

Next, you will be given 12 characters, which must be copied and saved. To do this, press «Copy master key», and then confirm the saving of the key with the button «Confirm».

On the next page, you need to specify all the characters of the master key in the correct sequence - you do not have to rewrite them, you can just copy and paste. After that, press the «Activate» button. Then you will successfully log in to your account, after which you can connect the two-factor authentication right away or postpone it for later.

Passimpay - how to deposit and withdraw funds?

After the registration of the wallet and performing all the manipulations described above, you can use its functionality. Since the wallet is empty and there are no funds in it yet, then the first thing you should learn in the Passimpay account is how to deposit your balance. To do this, open the «Deposit» section, where you will select a currency from the list of available coins, and then you will be given an address to transfer funds. Copy it and send the amount you need by any available method - through an exchanger, from the balance of the cryptocurrency exchange or from the wallet you already have.

Withdrawal of funds is as simple as that. You need to go to the account section entitled «Withdraw», where you should first of all select your cryptocurrency balance. After that, specify the address of the wallet to which you would like to make a transfer, then enter the amount. If necessary, add a description of the transaction and confirm the transaction with the «Send» button.

Other functions in the wallet

In your account, you will be able to track your transaction history, view cryptocurrency exchange rates, and earn money on attracting new users. The payment system has its own referral program, and immediately after registration you can copy your affiliate link and use it for invitations. In the same section, the user can copy the promotional materials and view the statistics of referrals.

To attract referrals to cooperate with the system, you need to go to the «Partners» section. There you will have several options for inviting partners there at once:
  1. referral link;
  2. QR code for smartphones;
  3. promotional materials;
  4. inviting partners through your email address.

As the payment service is relatively young, new features will appear in the future. Even now the developers announce the possibility to quickly exchange cryptocurrencies. Customers will be able to convert more than 20 different currencies with a commission of 1% of the transaction amount.

Passimpay is a merchant for business

A business solution from Passimpay is an opportunity to set up worldwide cryptocurrency payments for your online project in two minutes. The secure API can be integrated not only quickly but also for free, even if you haven’t encountered this type of tool before, you won’t have any difficulty with it at all.

Passimpay merchant provides substantial benefits to customers:

  • The user is able to download and view advanced reports with transaction history.
  • The customer is notified in real time about all transactions.
  • The account is secured with two-factor authentication.
  • Business account owners get access to the affiliate program, as well as personal wallet users.
  • There is no deposit commission for business clients.
  • Transactions are processed instantly.
  • Withdrawal commission amounts to 3.5%.
  • Financial management tools such as automatic payments, customizable templates and whitelists are available.
  • Merchant account is fully confidential and you don’t have to pass the verification procedure.
  • The business account can also be accessed through iOS and Android apps. wallet reviews is a simple and secure tool for working with popular cryptocurrencies. The aggregator provides customers not only all the necessary functionality for transactions, but also complete anonymity, because no data is required to create an account, and the system does not require identity verification. Moreover, clients’ accounts are protected with the two-factor authentication and master key, which prevents unauthorized access and use of client’s funds by malefactors.

The internet reviews of confirm that the payment system is appreciated by both experienced users and newcomers, and is preferred by many business projects operating online. Users note the ease of working with the payment system, it should be noted that Passimpay has a good reputation. Therefore, if you are in search of a reliable multicurrency wallet or are looking for a simple way to connect cryptocurrencies to your online project, this service can be a good solution.

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