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Solar-invest reviews - paying or scam

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Profitable 141% for 30 days, up to 4,7% daily, four investment plans.
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The project started on January 11, 2017, before that SOLAR INVEST had been in the shadow mode since 01.12.2016. The project is registered in the UK, has the official set of documents, available for anyone, all the information is presented on the website. SOLAR INVEST UK LTD - a world-class company specializing in online investing into the production, development and installation of the environmentally friendly resources: water, earth, sun, wind. After becoming a partner by registering on the website, you become a part of the online investment platform that allows you quickly, easily and safely to combine the manufacturer and the investor, giving a high profit in a short time. Now any potential investor, regardless of location, has an opportunity to become a part of the SOLAR INVEST UK LTD international company team. The qualitative centrepiece with various earning plans will satisfy any investor, as there are plans with the included deposit and plans with the deposit return after a short period of time: in 7, 15 and 25 days. The project is developed in English, however, the cabinet is easy enough, and there will be no problems for investments and earning profits. The profitability of the project reaches 141% per month that is very attractive for us investors. The referral program - 1 level is 7%. In order to get a higher percentage from the invited referrals, you must become a VIP-partner by investing into the company 500 USD. The VIP status is assigned automatically. Minimum investment is 10 USD. Maximum investment is 5000 USD. Instant payments. The company works with Perfect Money & Advcash & Payeer & NIXMoney & Bitcoin. Investment plans: 1) Earth Minimum investment is 10 USD. Maximum investment is 99 USD. Profit: 0.7 % everyday. Profit in total: 104,9%. Deposit works 7 days. Peculiarities: deposit is returned upon the expiry of the tariff plan. 2) Wind Minimum investment is 20 USD. Maximum investment is 499 USD. Profit: 1 % everyday. Profit in total: 115 %. Deposit works 15 days. Peculiarities: deposit is returned upon the expiry of the tariff plan. 3) Water Minimum investment is 50 USD Maximum investment is 999 USD Profit: 1.2 % everyday, Profit in total: 130 %. Deposit works 25 days. Peculiarities: deposit is returned upon the expiry of the tariff plan. 4) Sun Minimum investment is 400 USD Maximum investment is 5000 USD Profit: 4.7 % everyday, Profit in total: 141 %. Deposit works 30 days. Peculiarities: deposit is included into the payments. The main benefits of the project: unique design, experienced administration, balanced tariff plans, gradual promotion, and high protection degree We wish you successful investments with the SOLAR INVEST company!!!
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