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CEO / Chief Executive Officer of GOEX/ GOEX project founder about the platform, its opportunities and development prospects in the market Good day, dear readers! All of you are, of course, aware that today there is a huge number of services for cryptocurrency exchange on the cryptocurrency market. This is due to the increasing popularity of the latter and their large-scale spread. However, which of them can you trust your money without fear? Do you want to pay big fees and wait for exchange transactions for a long time? And the rates of such services which you exchange through leave much to be desired, don`t they? I`ve recently got preoccupied with these questions and then I came up with the idea of creating a platform that will solve all these problems associated with most of the existing exchange services. I`m presenting to you, the service for the exchange operations with cryptocurrency, combined with the investment program within one platform. Today I want to make an excursion into the service implemented by our team. I'll start with a short introduction. Introduction to GOEX - platform features and user opportunities The launch of our platform was carried out on December 27, 2017. Since then, the service has been successfully operating, has already managed to gain a loyal audience and now carries out more than a few hundred transactions a day. However, I am sure you will be interested to know more about the purpose of creating our platform and what its usage brings, and how it differs from other projects in this area. First, I`d like to note one of the main features of our service - that is the combination of both the exchange and the investment part within the same platform. If we talk about our exchanger, it is a service for instant cryptocurrency exchange. First of all, users no longer need to keep money on their balance to make their exchange. Within our platform, the user sends the amount necessary for the exchange in a certain cryptocurrency and an equivalent amount in the purchased cryptocurrency comes to his wallet in response. Secondly, the market engine of our platform allows us to provide the best rates in the market: it analyzes the purchase prices of various cryptocurrencies on other exchange platforms to find the best ones. Thus, the rates in are not fixed, but dynamic. Due to this, our service provides a minimum fee for exchange operations, as we do not have to take the risk of cryptocurrency rates high volatility and lay it in the amount of the fees charged, as, by the way, the majority of exchange services does. Another feature of our exchanger is the high speed of transactions, which depends only on the base speed of the convertible currencies confirmation and therefore we guarantee quick exchange operations. Low fee, best rates, high speed of transactions and no need to store cryptocurrency on the account – that`s what distinguishes from other platforms and makes the platform competitive in the market! Another, no less important component of our project is the investment part of the platform. I`d like to point out that it is mainly the combination of the investment program with the exchanger allowed us to provide quite favorable conditions for cryptocurrency exchange. But we have taken care of our users no less in the investment part and we offer long-term investments at moderate rates, which guarantee income in the future. Yes, of course, we understand that restrained investment conditions distinguish us from many projects in this area. But we don`t want to be just a "hype", but to stay in the market for a long time and consolidate our position. The interest rate that we offer to our users changes every day and sometimes comes to 1.6% per day. Besides, we have provided a reinvestment function that can be activated in the period from the beginning of the deposit and up to the 9th week of its operation. If the user has activated this feature, the profitability on his deposit will have a higher daily percentage. At the same time, this function can`t be turned off later, as well as to withdraw profits that are up to 18 weeks in the freeze. Just at the end of June, we also implemented the opportunity to change the interest rate from time to time for each payment system. Beyond that, each cryptocurrency has its own profit percentage and investment term. Day-to-day, our team is working to make investment conditions within most beneficial for our users. How do we see the success of our platform? We constantly update the design and functionality, taking into account the participants` wishes, we conduct various surveys and tests for this purpose. After all, satisfaction with our service directly affects its development and the customer here is the main link! Customer focus is the cornerstone of the platform success for us! We do our best to give our customers the highly qualified service, while providing the most prompt support and we constantly work to increase the requests processing speed. Our team is aimed at ensuring that the customer's work with the GOEX service is as simple, effective and safe as possible, which is important in matters of investing funds. In order to protect our customers` assets, we regularly update the GOEX platform usage security guidelines, posting them on the official website, as well as distributing them among our customers through various information channels. "Forewarned is forearmed" and so we want GOEX customers to be fully tech-savvy about the secure use of our platform and thus protect their assets from potential threats in the crypto space. What is our team striving to bring the GOEX platform to? Our main goal is to turn GOEX into the Number 1 exchange platform on the market. The vision of the GOEX concept is borderless exchange using any cryptocurrency at any time. This is a complex idea that will take rather much time to be properly implemented. But we strive to achieve this goal every day. For this purpose, experienced specialists of our team, who have already had experience in creating various online products, constantly and painstakingly work to develop the GOEX platform and expand its functionality. What have we already done to achieve our goals? To date, the team has already done a lot of work to update our exchange service, as well as the investment platform. The updates have affected the design and the platform speed. These are two main areas on which we are working most hard, because the speed and reliability of our service are the guarantors of the GOEX reputation. I will focus on what recent changes have occurred in the work of both the exchange and the investment parts of our platform. As for the exchanger, the following updates were made here: - Exchange operations processing speed increases; - Support service work accelerated; - DASH cryptocurrency was added for exchange; - Ripple cryptocurrency was added for exchange; - Website design was updated; - Android application was launched; - Prizes drawing among users was held. Within the investment part of the platform, the changes were carried out in the following areas: - Security system was updated; - Website work was optimized and accelerated; - 2FA (2 factor authentication) was connected; - Opportunity of DASH investing was activated; - Opportunity of Ripple investing was activated; - Bounty program was launched; - Prizes drawing among investors was held; - "GoBonuses" additional partner program was launched; - Design of the platform investment part was updated, as well as RoadMap and statistics; - Partner program was updated - new representative partner program. All innovations are aimed at improving work with our platform. However, some of them will be especially interesting for our users, because they will make the platform use more convenient and also allow them to earn money. Which of the updates will be most significant for our users? I should also note the launch of the opportunity of working with our platform through a mobile application for owners of Android devices. This greatly simplifies the use of GOEX, making it more mobile. Now it is not necessary to visit our official website to carry out the exchange operation. You can exchange cryptocurrency directly in the application. In addition, by creating account in our application, the user participating in the GOEX investment program, will be able to receive notifications about changes in cryptocurrency rates directly on his phone. This convenient innovation will allow you to monitor the rates dynamics almost in real time. "GOEX Bounty" is the bounty program of our platform, which provides users with the opportunity to get bitcoins, provided they perform simple actions aimed at popularizing the platform. In order to get the money, certain conditions, described in the bounty section of our website, must be fulfilled. The reward is credited for the activity in relation to the project on BitcoinTalk, Facebook and Telegram, as well as for the translations and posting articles. Promote our project in various information sources and you will receive a fair reward. "GoBonuses" is the partner program that we have implemented recently. These bonuses are an additional reward for attracting investment in If the user works with the entire structure of his partners and attracts the necessary amount of investment at each stage, he will receive a generous reward. There are a total of 13 bonuses. At each level, all previously attracted investments are added. The "GoBonuses" chart update occurs on a daily basis. As for the GOEX team`s nearest plans… They are aimed, to a greater extent, to achieve the main goal of the project – the creation of Number 1 exchange platform in the market with the borderless exchange operations with any cryptocurrency at any time. The main development vector in this area for us is the addition of new cryptocurrencies. In this regard, in the near future we are planning to add such cryptocurrencies as Zcash and Monero for exchange, with the opportunity of their investment. As one more strategic direction for our platform development we have chosen the development of additional GOEX services, which we are planning to launch in the foreseeable future. Follow the news of our project in the GOEX Telegram channel and you will be the first to know what services we are talking about. Another important event for our project in the near future is the release of our own GOEX token with the opportunity of airdrop and its subsequent addition to the listing of the largest exchanges. The airdrop of our token, as well as its sale on one of the crypto-currency exchanges, will be another great opportunity to earn money with the GOEX. Great news for our users will be the upcoming release of the application for iOS. We will announce the launch date very soon in our news channel. Thus, very soon the owners of the iOS devices will be able to carry out mobile exchange of cryptocurrencies through the GOEX app. In the end, I would like to note that our team develops all the updates and innovations for the GOEX platform taking into account the analysis of existing projects in this industry and making their reconsideration. We strive to make our product something new and in-demand for the market, convenient, functional and profitable for our users. Stay in touch with our project, stay up to date with the latest news and enjoy using the GOEX service! Best regards, CEO GOEX, Ethan Collins!
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