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Genesistrade reviews - paying or scam

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112% - 300% after 1 - 8 weeks
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The intellectual core of this startup (which has become extremely popular these days) was a unique robot-trader GenesisAI, able to generate stable profits for the fund, ensuring the growth of the company and the income of investors.
Following the information provided on the website, the robot creators (programmers, mathematicians, and financial experts) integrated the best and proven trading algorithms into it. In light of this, we now have an intelligent trading bot that can simultaneously monitor dozens of fundamental and technical factors and then make trading decisions independently.

Genesistrade features

Genesistrade trading platform provides stable payments under investment plans. Both investors and fund managers confirm it. At that, funds deposited on the balance sheet can be withdrawn by the partner at any time and without any restrictions and/or financial sanctions. The absence of commissions and hidden fees can also be considered a nice bonus for program participants and an indicator of transparency.
Among other benefits for investors, we can note:
• A profitable Affiliate Program that allows partners to generate additional profit through referrals;
• Security and reliability of investments thanks to competent management;
• The ability to conduct transactions both in fiat currency and cryptocurrency;
• Quick response of professional support teamworkers.

Offers for investors

At the time of writing, the Genesistrade investment fund offers a table of investment plans. Conditions here are very different and directly depend on two factors: the term of the investment and the deposit amount. According to these parameters, investment cases for 1-8 weeks with a profit in the range from 112% to 300% are offered. Terms of deposits are measured in weekly segments. The deposit itself and dividends are returned at the end of the deposit term. For the convenience of investors, the website provides an online calculator to calculate the yield more accurately.

Where do we start?

If you decided to become a partner and invest some money in the project, you need to sign up on the official website, To do this, on the homepage of the website, click "Sign Up", and in the offered form, specify the requested data. After that, you can choose an investment plan, suitable for you, and invest money in it.
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