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Finiko reviews - paying or scam

3 out of 5 based on 116 user ratings.
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up to 25% every month
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Finiko is a new investment project that chose the right strategy and has been well-advertised on the Internet. The platform offers beneficial investment conditions for serious investors, as well as an advanced Affiliate Program for other active participants.

Information about the

The (before was launched on January 11, 2018. Since its start, the company has been developing smoothly. Besides, it has set sights on a narrow circle of investors. The main attention in advertising is given to large network structures, which is facilitated by an advance Affiliate Program. There are a few feedback on the project on the net. However, all participants say that they not only invest in the project and earn through a Referral Program, but also sell training materials, which is encouraged by the project administration.
The detailed information is only available to registered users. It is said that the company is working in several areas at once, among which are: trading training, buying out debts on loans, making money on trading, etc. The website can boast a high level of preparation as there is all the necessary documentation confirming the legality of the company. Moreover, at the request of the customer, the website administration can conclude a contract with him/her.

Investment conditions

In Finiko, only those investors who have a deposit of $1,000 can earn money. The invested funds will bring a return of 1-2% on working days, from which about 25% of the profit will be accrued in a month. Investment conditions of the project are not limited, i.e. the participant can decide when to withdraw the deposit for himself/herself.
An important feature of investing in a project is that the deposit does not start working immediately, but within 3 working days from the moment of its creation. However, the withdrawal of the deposit body is possible only after 8 days of deposit activity.

Marketing features:
• Minimum investment amount: from $1,000.
• Available payment systems: Bitcoin, Yandex.Money, and bank cards.
• Withdrawal of funds: manually (up to 3 working days).
• Minimum withdrawal amount: $100.
• Commission fees: 3.5% for the deposit; fees for withdrawal are also present.
• Affiliate Program: from 3% (the interest and number of levels depend on the turnover and the amount of personal investment).


Go to the project's website, where you will be prompted to fill in a login form. Click the "Register" link to proceed to creating an account.

In the registration form, you need to specify the email address, password, phone number, and ID of the invitee. After that, accept the Terms of use of the project and click "Next".

Then you will be asked to choose a confirmation method: via Telegram or SMS.

Only participants who have completed the identity verification procedure can access investments. Aside from your passport details, you will also need to attach a photo or a scan of the document. Only after identification, the deposit button will become active and you will be able to deposit funds to your balance.

You can find detailed instructions for working with the fund in your personal cabinet.
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