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Cryptouniverse reviews - paying or scam

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Cryptouniverse is a cloud-mining service that has really powerful hardware (ASICS S9, S11, S15 and Innosilicon T3) and deeply-optimized technical infrastructure. This high-yield project positions itself as a multi-functional cloud mining operator. Let’s check it out.

About company

Cryptouniverse started to work on February 14, 2018. The material foundation of the project was the largest mining farm located in Russia (capacity more than 20 MW). The creators of Cryptouniverse says that the transparency and profitability of mining is what the industry is based on. That is why today they provide hash power at a price of 1 TH / s 11 USD per year with a service charge of $ 0.07 per day.

Network settings

• Number of miners: 12,000+ units;
• Multilevel anti-overload protection;
• 24/7 equipment performance monitoring.

Offers for BTC mining
• $ 10.90 for 1 TH / s for 1 year;
• $ 13.90 for 1 TH / s for 2 years;
• $ 15.90 for 1 TH / s for 3 years;
• $ 16.90 for 1 TH / s until January 1, 2025.

Offers for LTC mining
• $ 21 dollar for 100 MH / s for 360 days;
• $ 24 dollars for 100 MH / s in 480 days;
• $ 22 dollars for 100 MH / s for 720 days;
• $ 27 USD for MH / s until January 1, 2025

Referral program

Your bonus BTC are sent for each contract concluded from your referral’s account. Affiliate accrues only for the purchase. The terms for calculating affiliate bonuses are the next:
• 8% for referrals purchasing contracts of up to $ 30,000;
• 9% for referrals purchasing contracts worth more than $ 30,000;
• 10% for referrals purchasing contracts from $ 50,000.

How it works

Sign up for and get full 24/7 access to the ASIC. As a participant you will get daily cash payments (according to the terms of chosen contract). The technical infrastructure will be yours. You’ll enjoy how the Cryptouniverse team organized cloud-mining process to let a private investor with no experience get access to high-yield investments.
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