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Capital-c reviews - paying or scam

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2.051% - 3.28% daily Forever / token growth from 1% per day -- (Principal back anytime after 30 days)
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Capital-c is a middle income fund with open-ended terms, which is offering a floating yield. The platform provides participants with working marketing and three-level affiliate program, and the participation in the project is possible with the amount of $10.

Information about the project

The fund is an international company which allows all wishing investors to join earnings in the field of cryptocurrencies, by transferring funds in trust management to professionals. The website of the project indicates that the company’s work began in 2014, and the company’s office is located in Singapore. It is also known that the firm invests money in several instruments, thanks to which the income can be received by depositors with different capabilities.

The project has an animated design, presented in several language versions, as for the technical aspects of the work of the platform, they are also on high. The functionality is provided with self written script, the site is on a dedicated server and the domain is leased for 2 years. Client data is encrypted and the correct operation of the resource is provided by the reliable DDoS protection.

Investment conditions in Capital-c is offering to earn money on a single plan with floating yield. The tariff will generate income in the range of 2.051% to 3.28% every day, the period of the work of the investment has no limits. At the same time, the participants are free to withdraw the invested money after 30 days of the investment, if the deposit is not withdrawn from the system, the exit to profit comes in the period from 49 to 31 days.

• Yield: from 2.051% to 3.28% per day
• Investment period: unlimited
• Deposit amount: from $10
• Breakeven exit (if not withdrawing deposit): after 49-31 days
• Deposit withdrawal: available after 30 days
• Yield per month: 61.53%-98.4%

Marketing features:

• Deposit limits: from $10.
• Accept payments: Bitcoin, Eth, Litecoin, Doge, Tron, BinanceCoin, Ripple.
• Cryptocurrency conversion: cryptocurrency operates with no conversion.
• Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.001 ???.
• Profit withdrawal: within 24 hours from the moment of creation of the request.
• Affiliate program: 5%-1%-0.5%.

Registration on the website

1. Go to the official site of Capital-c, then use the button «Sign up», which you can find in the top menu of the main page.

2. The next step is to fill in the data necessary for registration in the special form. You need to enter your login (username), e-mail, password with at least 8 characters. Then enter the verification code in a special line, and it remains to check the box and click on the button «Sign up».

3. Right after registration, you can use the functionality of your personal account, where you should go to the section «Deposit». The user is required to select a payment system from the suggested list, then enter the amount, press the button «Deposit» and make a payment through your wallet.

4. The profit is withdrawn to the wallets manually, for this there is a section «Withdraw». While creating an application you will be required to choose a payment system, specify your cryptocurrency address and enter the amount you want to request from the project. Then verify the accuracy of filling out the application and click the «Withdraw» button.
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