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TRXchain is a project based on a smart contract, whose work is controlled by a smart algorithm on the Tron cryptocurrency blockchain. What is the special of the fund and how it differs from traditional high-income assets: read more in the review.

Information about the project

The platform is an atypical asset due to the fact that it works completely autonomously and is controlled by a smart contract, not a human. The administration of the resource does not have access to the fund’s cashier, it only installed the pre-planned conditions in the algorithm that will be fulfilled as long as there are funds on its TRX address. There have been similar projects before, these are more technically advanced resources and for their features they have long been nicknamed “fair” funds.
The work of the platform began on June 31, 2020,gradually the information about the resource began to appear on the Internet, and the development started mainly in the Asian market, in which blockchain developments have a special priority. The key feature of the platform is that there is no typical script in its technical configuration, and all operations are carried out in the Tron cryptocurrency, on the basis of which the asset was based. It is because of this feature that users can open deposits and withdraw profits only to their TRX wallets and, for obvious reasons, the platform will not be able to work with fiat funds.

Investment condition in TRXchain

In all investors are offered the equal conditions of income, irrespective of their deposit size. Having invested from 100 TRX, the participant will receive 1% income every day. The payments will be received for 310 days, thus breakeven will be reached in 100 days, and the final profitability for the period will be 210% of profit. If the investor plans to reinvest funds again, then he must deposit an amount no less than the previous contribution.

Marketing features:
? Limits on the amount of the deposit: from 100 TRX to 2000000 TRX.
? Accept payments from: Tron cryptocurrency only.
? Commission for transactions: inside the project the replenishment and withdrawal are carried out without commission, but it is important to consider the commission of the Tron network.
? Minimum withdrawal amount: no limits, you can withdraw any amount.
? Profit withdrawal: immediately upon a request.
? Affiliate program: 10% of deposits, 5-30% of profits.

Registration on the website

TRXchain operates on a smart contract and working with it differs from cooperation with traditional funds. First of all, the user needs to install one of the applications: or TronLink extension if it is planned to work on PC, or TronWallet for mobile devices. After that recharge the TRX wallet (for example, through an exchanger).

To work with the site go to the main of the project and use the “Invest” form. It is necessary to specify the amount in it, and after clicking the button at the bottom of the form, the TronLink browser extension will be automatically activated and you just have to confirm the deposit.

You can also create a withdrawal request on the main of the fund, for that in the statistics section there is a “Withdraw” button. Use it and create a request with indicating the amount and wallet to transfer funds.
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