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TRX Smart Contract
Up to 150% for 50 Days. By placing deposit you will get random interest rate and term within specified ranges: 1% — 10% IN 10 DAYS, 11% — 20% IN 20 DAYS, 21% — 30% IN 30 DAYS, 31% — 40% IN 40 DAYS, 41% — 50% IN 50 DAYS
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Overview is a smart contract platform that provides investors the opportunity to earn on random tariffs with a floating return interest.

Information about the project is a fund, the work of which is provided by a special algorithm called “smart contract”. The essence of this working principle is that the platform operates completely autonomously and is not controlled by the administration. The organizers of the project after its launch can not influence its functioning in any way, and the asset will operate as long as there will be money on its balance. TRXis has been audited (i.e. checked by independent experts) which showed that the contract code has been written correctly, there are no mistakes and all nuances described in the marketing conditions will be fulfilled. The audit results as well as the registration documents from Australia can be viewed on the website of the investment platform.

Investment conditions in has an unusual marketing because at the time of investment the investor does not know which plan he will get. In total, the platform provides five plans, each of which has its own floating payout range. All of these tariffs are after plans and will generate returns from 1% to 50% for the term. You can only know which plan you will participate in after creating a deposit, because they are chosen randomly.

  • Profitability: from 1% to 50% for the term
  • Investment period: 10-50 days
  • Deposit amount: from 100 TRX
  • Breakeven exit: at the end of the term
  • Early withdrawal of the deposit: not provided

Marketing features:

  1. Deposit limits: 100 TRX.
  2. Accept payments: cryptocurrency Tron.
  3. Commission for transactions: no commission within the project, but when you create a deposit, do not forget to leave a few TRX on the balance to pay the commission.
  4. Minimum withdrawal: no limits, when you create a request, all funds that are on the balance will be sent to the wallet.
  5. Profit withdrawal: instant (upon request).
  6. Referral program: 5% (the percentage depends on the balance of the smart contract and can reach 15%).

Registration on the site operates on a smart contract and there is no standard registration in the project. All actions you will do through the main page of the platform and your wallet. Therefore, first you need to install an extension for the browser TronLink. After installing the wallet, you need to replenish its balance, for this you can make an exchange through any reliable online service.

On the main page of the project, use the «Invest» button, then specify the amount of deposit in trones and then press the «Make deposit» button. After that, the TronLink extension will open and you will only have to confirm the payment. Do not forget about the commission in the Tron network and leave some coins in your wallet to pay it when making the transfer.

The profits are available for withdrawal at any time, and there is no minimum amount limit. To create a request, go to the section «Wallet stats», then you will need to click «Withdraw», after which your whole balance will be sent to the wallet.

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