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Topmaklers – reviews and status (paying or scam)

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130% after 1 DAY; 12000% after 80 DAYS; BONUS $20
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A cryptocurrency fast HYIP with a properly installed website is added to a list of interesting investment instruments. Our TopMaklers review will give the details.

Reviews about TopMaklers

TopMaklers is a foreign project dealing only with cryptocurrencies at good fast terms. The platform started its work on 29.06.2019. This approach is the right one for the fast HYIP, because it is important for this type of funds to have a slow start and no hype. The resource accepts cryptocurrencies only. The investors who noticed this platform earlier have a good opportunity for gaining the profit.
The competitive feature of the project is that each participant gets a 20$ deposit as a bonus for registration. The profit from this deposit can be withdrawn if you are an active investor and have at least a minimal personal deposit in the system. Thus, everyone has an opportunity to gain additional profit.
The investors are offered a range of traditional tariffs with some of them being the working ones. Many previous projects had similar terms, they had good reputation, therefore the adequate project management can bring you profit. The project surely proved its paying capacity, and the admins definitely showed their strive for the work to be properly done.

Information about TopMaklers

Reviews about TopMaklers are positive, although there are not many of them, because the fund is in no haste to be promoted. Many reviewers focus on the good website installation and it is rightly so: the project functions on GoldCoders licensed script, the website has a stylish design, it is properly protected from DDOS-attack, and COMODO EV SSL-certificate is used for data encryption. The page content is flawless – it is genuine.
The fund website says that the company works with cryptocurrencies and provides the investors with an opportunity to gain profit from these currencies. The project is registered in Great Britain.

Marketing in offers a wide range of after-tariffs with high yield terms, but you shouldn’t consider all of them for investments. In fact, there are two working options – a one-day tariff and a five-day investment plan. These are the shortest tariffs, and as you are going to deal with the after-tariffs, this can be considered to be the safest options.
The profit for each tariff depends on the deposit sum: for example, you can’t invest $20 under the minimal plan and get 130% every day. You will have the minimum interest rate – 103%.


• Yield: 103% and more for a period
• Investment period: 1 day
• Deposit: $20 - $50,000
• Final profit: 3% and higher


• Yield: 117% and more for a period
• Investment period: 5 days
• Deposit: $20 - $50,000
• Final profit: 17% and higher

• Deposit: $20 - $99,000.
• Minimum withdrawal sum: $10 for BTC, $3 for LTC, $3 for ETH, $3 for XRP (the sum is determined by the cryptocurrency exchange rate).
• Payment systems: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Payeer.
• Payment methods: manual, up to 48 working hours (6 days).
• Cryptocurrency exchange rate: fixed - Bitcoin: $15 000, Litecoin: $225; ETH: $600; XRP: $0.9.
For example: your deposit is 0.1 BTC, it means that regardless the dollar exchange rate, your withdrawal sum is 0.1 BTC + accrued interests (see your wallet transactions).
• Partnership program: depends on a tariff which a referral invests into – 1% - 20%.

Registration in TopMaklers

1. To get started, you should create your account on the website, therefore the first step to cooperate with the fund is to register with topmaklers. Select “Open account” on the main page.

2. Type your name, login, password (twice), email (twice), a secret question and answer in the registration form.

3. Write your wallets in the payment systems, accept the Agreement and click “Register”.

4. Use “Deposit now” to invest and “Withdraw now” to withdraw the profit in your account.

5. When depositing, you will be offered to select one tariff, enter the number of the bank transfer order and the sum. Now click “Spend” and send the cryptocurrency to the specified address.

Reviews on (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)