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Solidtradebank – reviews and status (paying or scam)

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Today we decided to make a short review about SolidTradeBank project, which is often mentioned by users recently. The official website and the project itself is a well-protected investment fund, combining private deposits of individuals for effective joint capital management. A feature of Solid Trade Bank is a cross-insurance mechanism that protects users’ funds from a wide range of potential risks. 

Benefits SolidTradeBank

Among the advantages of the SolidTradeBank investment project we have to mention:

  • Flexible money management using long-term planning and qualitative forecasting to maximize profits.
  • Safe storage of funds with the possibility of long-term receipt of passive income.
  • An innovative method of capital management and the involvement of progressive young professionals in the team.
  • Impeccable adherence to the payment schedule for over 5 years.
  • Reliability, stability and competitiveness of the proposed investment plans.

Investment Products

Currently Solid Trade Bank offers two main investment plans:

  • Daily 0.2% for 35 business days (estimated income - 52% per annum);
  • Weekly 2% for 25 weeks (estimated income - 108% per annum).

Despite the fact that compared to other platforms these figures may seem too modest do not make hasty conclusions. The fact that the platform has existed since 2012 and fully fulfills its obligations to investors. That makes us conclude that the project is relatively stable.


To sign up go to the official website of the and find the form for creating a new account (it is on the right). Enter your email, username and password, and then solve the captcha. After confirming email, the virtual investor’s office will be available to you. Immediately after replenishing the balance, you can invest in one of the presented programs freely.
Reviews on (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)