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Polinur reviews - paying or scam

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ZanozaRating: 7.10
1.4% - 2.4% Daily Lifelong
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Polinur is an investment fund with regular accruals, offering marketing from 1.4% per day. The platform presents several open-ended options for earning, among which you can choose a tariff with hourly payouts to accruals once a day.

Information about the project

The project has its registration in Hong Kong and the authorized capital of the company comes to $50000000. The firm operates in the field of technology, and more precisely, it is engaged in the creation of the software for the metaverses. The company’s specialists develop different solutions that are used for the implementation of three-dimensional simulations and full immersion in virtual reality.

The investors interact with the fund through a modern web resource with an animated design. The technical side of the site is represented by a self-written script, which already indicates a solid monetary expenditure in the preparation of the fund. Encryption and protection is provided by CloudFlare, the domain is leased for three years. Other features include a user-friendly personal account and a large number of language versions.

Investment conditions in Polinur

There are five open-ended plans operating in, which will pay profits to the investor throughout the entire duration of the project. The peculiarity of the tariffs is that each of them has a different regularity of accruals. If the plan with minimum deposit pays profit once a day, the other plans accrue profits after 12, 6, 3 hours and there is one hourly VIP-tariff. Note that the return of the deposit in the system is not provided, it is already included in the accruals.
  • Yield: from 1.4% to 2.4% per day
  • Investment terms: unlimited
  • Amount of investment: $20-1000000
  • Exit into profit: from 72 to 42 days
  • Profitability per month: 42%-72%

Features of the site:

  1. Investment: from $20 to $1000000.
  2. Replenishment: BTC, ETH, LTC, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, DAI, ADA, DOT, TRX, Doge, Shib, XRP, Perfect Money.
  3. Cryptocurrency conversion: funds work in USD.
  4. Minimal withdrawal: depends on payment system, form $1.
  5. Withdrawal of profit: instantly.
  6. Affiliate program: from 8%-1%-0.7%-0.6%-0.5%-0.4%-0.3%-0.2%-0.1%-0.1%.

Registration on the website

If you are interested in Polinur, and you intend to cooperate with the fund, you need to create an account on the website. This will not take much of your time, as registration is as simple as possible. To begin, open the home page, where you will use the «Create account» or «Sign up» button.

You will be asked to enter some data in the form which is necessary to identify you as an individual user in the system. Enter your username, email, password, and, if necessary, your Telegram address. At the very bottom of the form, accept the user agreement and press the «Sign up» button.

The investing is available in the section «Create a deposit», where you select the investment tariff to begin with.

In the same section at the bottom, choose the payment system which you will use to deposit money to your balance, then specify the amount of investment and confirm the creation of the deposit with the «Create a deposit» button. Depending on the chosen method of replenishment, you will need to transfer the required amount to the wallet of the project or make a transfer to the cryptocurrency address.

Leave requests for withdrawal of profit through the function «Withdrawal of funds». Enter the withdrawal amount on the left side of the page, specify the address or wallet, and finally confirm the request.
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