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Minerlands detailed analysis: current status and investment terms

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Up to 6% Daily with Bonuses and Boosters
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up to 5 levels: 11% + 3% + 2% + 2% + 1%
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MINERLANDS status on the monitors review
MinerLands is an economic game that offers to earn on the extraction of minerals. The project pays hourly profit from $0.0142 with an investment of $8 and, as the game develops, offers access to a significant increase in profitability.

Information about the project MinerLands App

Colorful game is not similar to typical investment projects, nevertheless it is designed for an audience of investors who are given the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency in a game form. The essence of the gameplay is to buy characters for mines with the extraction of various minerals that bring income. Due to bonuses, boosters and activity of the player his profit can significantly increase.

The project has a unique design, bright unique design is fully stylized for the game and corresponds to the declared theme. The site operates on a self-written script, the site is placed on a dedicated server, which significantly increases its security, as well as there is protection from Ddos-attacks and data encryption.

Investment conditions in MinerLands

There are offered in MinerLands ten different mines for mining, which will gradually be opened for players. In each of them, the participant can buy character cards - the more expensive the card, the higher the yield. Purchased characters bring profit in the form of mined minerals every hour - collecting this profit, you get funds for the cryptocurrency balance in the project. If the player does not collect the mined profits within 24 hours, the storage is completely filled and the income is suspended.
  • Yield: from $0.0142 to $0.0212$ per hour
  • Investment terms: 600-960 hours (25-40 days)
  • Investment amount: from $8
  • Profit exit: at the end of the term
  • Profit size: from 6.98% to 20% for the term
A participant can increase his earnings by means of boosters and personal activity. Below we will briefly list the ways to increase your earnings:

  • Character Level - if a card has worked out its term and you buy it again, the character gets a new level, which means it brings more income and works for a longer term.
  • Lootboxes - if you buy all four cards in a particular mine, you get a lootbox that can be opened once a day. A booster to increase your income or a cash prize can pop up in it.
  • Miner Lands Coin is a game token of the project, which is necessary to buy various items that increase profitability.
  • Affiliate program - by increasing your rank in the game, the participant will receive higher percentages of rewards, as well as new levels of the structure will be opened.
  • Achievements - the players can perform tasks and will receive rewards to increase the profit.

Features of the site:

  1. Minimum deposit amount: from 50 USDT.
  2. Payment acceptance: USDT; BUSD; BTC; ETH; LTC; TRX; BNB; Doge; XRP.
  3. Minimum withdrawal: from 10 USDT.
  4. Commission: the costs of the cryptocurrency network are paid by the client.
  5. Profit withdrawal: manually (for each payment system withdrawal is available once a day).
  6. Affiliate program: from 5% to 11%-3%-2%-2%-1%.

Registration on the website MinerLands App

To join the economic game you need to register preliminary on the site MinerLands App. To do this, go to the main page and press the «Sign up» button in the top menu or «Sign up & Play» in the center of the page.

In the registration form, specify your email, user login, come up with a password. Then accept the user agreement by checking the box at the bottom of the form and press the «Sign up» button.

Pass the anti-bot check by dragging the slider in such a way as to fold the puzzle.

On the page «MANAGE FINANCE» you can immediately replenish your game balance, for this purpose select the currency, if necessary specify the cryptocurrency network, then enter the amount and press the button «Top up».

Copy the provided cryptocurrency address or scan the QR code, and then make a transfer of the required amount to these details. After making the transaction on the same page, confirm the payment with the «I paid» button.
When the money will be on your game balance, you can start the game. To do this, go to the «Mines» section, where you can select a mine and buy a character card by pressing the appropriate card button «Choose». Note that you can buy several and even all available character cards at the same time.

Next, a window will appear with the available features, select «Buy card» to purchase a card.

The purchased character card will start to generate income, every hour the mined resources can be collected, as the storage capacity for each mine is limited. To do this, you just need to click on the «Collect» button, corresponding to a particular storage. If the storage is filled to 100%, the mining stops, which means that at this time you do not receive profits (at the initial level such storage filling occurs in 24 hours).

You can withdraw money from the system through the «MANAGE FINANCE» section of your personal cabinet, in which you select the balance on the top, then go to the «Withdrawals» box. Here, select the cryptocurrency network, if there is such a need, enter the amount and confirm the operation with the «Confirm» button.