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Forsage is a new cryptocurrency startup that is positioned as an international crowdfunding platform built on the principles of decentralization and anonymity. The company is characterized by transparency. It has a fully open source Forsage smart contract, the ecosystem functions on the basis of.

Among the strengths of the project there are:
* Minimizing risks through automation and decentralization of processes;
* Instant accrual of profit to the depositor's personal external wallet;
* Open access to the complete history of financial transactions;
* Maximum transparency and anonymity;
* No hidden fees or other veiled fees.

Forsage's mission is to ensure efficient financial flows of cryptographic assets and provide individuals with the opportunity to earn money on a matrix-based affiliate program. According to the information on the website, at the moment there are 940 333 registered accounts, which have successfully earned more than 792.302 ETH. These statistics fuel interest in participating in the project.

Why is it more reliable than the "pyramid"?

Unlike traditional “pyramids”, where fixed assets are concentrated in the hands of those who entered the project first, the Forsage principle is completely different. None of the participants, both veterans and newcomers, can stop the platform. Everyone is on an equal footing, and the work of the platform is controlled by a transparent and understandable smart contract.

How to become a member of the program and where to start?

To do this, just install any cryptocurrency wallet on your device and get a Telegram account. Although Forsage is adapted to work with all external ETH wallets, the company recommends using Coinbase Wallet for mobile or the browser extension for PC. After you have acquired a wallet, it remains to go through the registration procedure. To do this, you must send 0.05 ETH to a smart contract to activate platforms X3 and X4. The transaction will in fact register you on Forsage. When sending funds from an external wallet, you should take into account that the commission is about 0.02 ETH.

The creators of the project strongly recommend taking the lessons in the "Academy" section before starting work. To get passive income using the platform, take the capabilities of the affiliate program. According to a valid smart contract any transaction made by your partner is instantly credited to your account. More information about the opportunities for making money on the referral program can be found in the corresponding section of the official website.

How much can you earn with Forsage?

The system is based on x3 and x4 matrices with a limited number of places. The matrices are filled with new areas and participate in the mechanism of income distribution between partners of different levels. This structure provides the Forsage project with sustainability even when it scales many times. The amount of earnings directly depends on how active users you involve in your affiliate network.
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