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12% On weekdays for 10 days, principal included
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Overview Earnhub.io
The earnhub.io project brought together professional casino players using in-game automated scripts of their own design. High competencies and in-depth analysis let the team consistently generate profits on a variety of gambling platforms. In order to scale its financial capabilities, the team created an investment platform which it attracts funds from private investors through. Transactions are available both in US dollar and in popular cryptocurrencies.

About the platform

Experts note the simplicity and conciseness of the earnhub.io interface. In order to become an investor, an individual must:
* Choose a suitable payment system and investment rate;
* Enter cash-out wallet and contact Email;
* Make a deposit to the internal balance.
Despite the fact that the platform’s interface is available only in English, even an inexperienced user will not have problems with registration and work on the platform.

Investment offers

All investment products are divided into standard and VIP.

In the first category, the company offers its investors the following cases:
* Roulette. Profitability of 12% per day and a deposit period of 10 days.
* Black Jack. Profitability of 5% per day a deposit period of 40 days.
* Poker. Profitability of 5% per day and a deposit period of 50 days.
* Bingo. 1577% profit after 45 days of deposit.
* Baccarat. 1378% profit after 35 days of deposit.
* Bones. 1277% after 25 days of deposit. Bonus: + 100% to the deposit.

In the VIP category, the following cases are presented:
* Thimbles. 1155% profit after 15 days.
* Dice. 1010% profit after 10 days of deposit.
* Lotto. 977% profit after 7 days
* KENO. 885% profit after 5 days of deposit.
* MONKEYS. 775% profit after 3 days of deposit.
* Vikings. 577% profit per day.

Standard cases are open to all participants. To use the VIP-offer, you must first contact the administration. Each user can participate in more than one program.

How to become an investor?

To participate in the investment project, registration is not needed. It is enough to indicate your wallet, which payments will be made automatically on. All withdrawals are fulfilled on business days from 10:00 to 12:00 GMT. For participation in the affiliate program you need to go through the registration procedure, indicating the contact Email and other data requested by the system.
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