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Up to 0.9% Daily Until You Get 200% Back
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Investment platform Bit Robot positions itself as a team with many years of experience in trading and software development. The interface of the official website is translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese and Russian, which confirms that the platform is an international investment project.

The main activity of BitRobot is investing in cryptocurrency markets. Thanks to competent trading decisions that the artificial intelligence makes in automatic mode, the company manages to maintain a monthly profitability of 28.7%.

The company's mission is to make cryptocurrency investments available to a wide audience. Among the key advantages of the platform, it should be noted the accessibility of investments, high speed of making trading decisions, maximum automation of the profit generation process and high profitability. You can learn more about the mechanisms on the official website

How it works?

Bit Robot is the copyright holder for artificial intelligence, which is developed for highly profitable crypto-trading. Most of the processes are automated, which minimizes the influence of the human factor. However, there are strategies that involve manual control of the trading process. At the same time, the company offers to invest in several cases, which are presented on the website.

Investor Offers

At the moment, 3 investment cases are offered on the following terms:
* Investments from 0.01 to 0.19999999 BTC with a monthly return of 14% (up to 0.5% per day)
* Investments from 0.2 to 1.99999999 BTC with a monthly return of 17% (up to 0.7% per day)
* Investments from 2 without an upper limit with a monthly return of 21% (up to 0.9% per day)

Each investor can buy any of the three contracts with cryptocurrency or fiat dollar. At the moment, the platform accepts not only traditional Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash, but also more exotic DASH, LTC, Monero and Pivx.
The site contains an online calculator that let you calculate how much you will earn over the entire investment period.

How to invest?

In order to become an investor in the program, you first need to sign up for the site To do this, click on the "Register" button, then enter all the necessary data and confirm the contact email by clicking on the link. Then you can fund your account. If you do this through Perfect Money or Payeer, your balance will be replenished immediately.

Affiliate program

The website has an affiliate program, in which partners are divided into 9 ranks. The rank depends on your and your referral’s contribution. At the first rank, you can earn 7% and 4% of the deposits made by first and second level referrals respectively. With each new rank, an additional level of referrals will be added, and at the eighth level named Platinum Chairman the ninth referral’s level with a 2.5% bonus will become available. At the last level named Diamond Chairman you will get a bonus of $ 150,000. More details about the terms of the affiliate program you can find on the website.
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