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B2b reviews - paying or scam

5 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.
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8% for 52 weeks, 39% for 12 months, 780% after 1 year
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The B2B.Jewelry platform is something fundamentally new in the high-yield investment market. The Ukrainian project, created by an experienced jeweler from Vinnitsa, is an organic “hybrid” of a jewelry salon and an investment fund. It combines long-term investments in precious metals and profitable cashback programs, which make it possible to fully recoup the acquisition and earn extra money.

B2B Jewelry is registered in Ukraine and operates within the framework of Ukrainian legislation. Anyone can become an investor without any restrictions. You can fund your account with Perfect Money or with a credit card. It’s also possible to purchase jewelry for cash in one of the B2BJewelry offline stores.

They write a lot of good reviews about this company on forums and socials. Customers note the stability of payments and high quality products. That’s why we suggest you to get to know more about investment opportunities that the project opens.

Jewelry purchase

Make a purchase in the amount of $50 and get a weekly cashback to your e-wallet or card. Silver and gold items are available at the store. Buying one of them you automatically become a partner. The amount of payments is evenly distributed over 52 payments and fully covers the purchase costs. System returns from 104% to 182% of the price. On the official website user can see two numbers at once – the price of the product and the cashback.

Terms for buyers are as follows:

  • Price: from $50;
  • Cashback: from 2% to 3.5% per week;
  • Payments on Fridays.

B2B Jewelry - Gift Vouchers

Buy a gift certificate in the amount of $50, choose a suitable payment frequency in your account and get a stable cashback to your card or e-wallet. According to gift certificate programs, you can earn from 420% to 780% per year.

Terms for certificate holder:

  • Certificate price: from $50;
  • Cashback: from 8% per week;
  • Weekly payouts on Fridays.

Affiliate program B2BJewelry

The referral program is an excellent source of additional income. Buying jewelry from $50 you get the opportunity to build a partnership structure. System allows you to earn a good percentage of referral’s purchases.

Terms for partners are as follows:

  • Number of partner levels: 23 ranks;
  • Referral bonus: from 8% to 19%.

Sign up

To participate in the investment program, you must register on the website. To do this just click on the "Register" button and fill out the form. Here you need to specify:

  • Phone number;
  • password

After that confirm entered number using the code sent to your phone. Now your investor’s personal account is available. You can purchase in the store (make investments) in UAH or USD. When buying you need to specify the frequency of payments (week, month, quarter, half year and year).

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