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Loantech detailed analysis: current status and investment terms

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3% daily Forever (You may withdraw up to 34% of Principal on the 22nd day )
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LOANTECH status on the monitors Investment dynamics review
Loantech is a service that acts as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. The management sees its brainchild as a bridge between a steadily growing pool of borrowers and potential lenders who are ready to give free money at a high interest rate. With the Loantech project investors generate loan capital, which is distributed among borrowers, providing high dividends to all project participants.
The company is officially registered in England under the number 12291602 with the official name “BRIGHT FUTURE LOANS LTD”. All documents confirming the legality of the business you can find in the appropriate section of the site.
At the moment, the website presented in English. The interface is distinguished by thoughtful navigation and convenience, so understanding the functionality is not difficult.

Benefits of the project

* Profitable deposit program at 3% per day;
* Instant cash-out up to $ 2,500;
* 22-day breakeven cycle;
* 10 dollars minimal deposit.

Terms for investors

The company offers favorable investment case at 3% per day. Using the calculator on the website, you can find out the exact investment plan for your capital. From the 1st to the 21st days of the deposit, the user is charged 3% per day, and on the 22nd day the deposit is fully returned with the possibility of further extension.
Also on LoanTech there is an affiliate program that let you earn from 10% to 15% of referred deposit, depending on the status of the partner. In addition, the company provides one-time progressive bonuses. For the first 50 referrals you get $100, for an additional 50 referrals - $300, and for the second hundred referrals - $500 fixed bonus.

How to become an investor?

To participate, you need to sign up for the website Just click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page and fill out the form. Then log into your account, make a deposit in Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Payeer and activate the investment case. To start earning you need just a free $10+ and a desire to make money.
Remember that, according to the rules of the company, it is forbidden for one person to create more than one account.