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8bit detailed analysis: current status and investment terms

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Up to 366% per 24 month +100% Principal Back
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8BIT status on the monitors Investment dynamics review
8Bit Limited is an investment project launched by the international company Pixel Softworks Engineering Ltd. The platform is built as a magical world, where generous gnomes mine crystals for you, bringing unlimited passive income. At the moment, the project has four branches in the British Virgin Islands, the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and the Republic of Singapore.

How to earn?

The 8Bit Limited ecosystem provides several options for making money online. All of them are presented below:

  • Investments. You can make a deposit to get a stable profit. At the moment, this option is the most common on the platform. You just get regular stable accruals without delays.
  • Affiliate Marketing. Promote the 8Bit Limited platform and earn by referring new investors. The affiliate program provides you with a unique referral link you can use to make people join the 8Bit program. Each partner receives a referral commission as a reward.
  • Savings. An investor can multiply his funds by using 8bit as a savings account. This option is called Accumulative Balance Interest. All platform participants have the opportunity to store their money in the 8bit system and receive regular rewards for this, which are significantly superior to those offered by traditional banks.
  • Faucet. As a member of the 8bit program, you can connect to the free coin collector on Telegram, receiving daily bonuses. Daily participation in the distribution of bonuses increases the user's quota for access to the faucet resources.
  • Rewards for ideas. 8bit specialists are always open for communication and are happy to hear the users’ opinion about the project. If you are missing some functionality, the best solution is to submit your proposal to our Customer Support Center. For the most important messages a reward is provided.
  • Representation. By actively participating in 8bit advertising promotion, you have a chance to become a coach for new 8bit participants. The system pays a special reward for explaining to beginners how the platform works.


The system does not charge commission for account replenishment and withdrawal. You can make a deposit using US dollars, euros or cryptocurrencies. The platform applies the lowest withdrawal fees from network miners among the cryptocurrency markets. The 8bit administration reserves the right to adjust the withdrawal fee by decreasing or increasing its value. Transactions through Perfect Money also have 0% commission.

Deposite plans

The platform provides three deposit plans. The terms are presented below.


• Investment Period: 1 month;
• Daily Accruals: 0,025%;
• Total profit: 100,75%;
• Bonuses for each $500 row;
• Returned: at the end of investment cycle;
• Initial deposit protection;
• Accruals protection;
• Affiliate Reward: 0.5%.


• Investment Period: 1-240 months;
• Daily Accruals: 0.05-6.40%;
• Profit booster included;
• Daily Booster profit: 0.025%-3.20%;
• Extra Trading Interest: 0.00-0.5%;
• Total profit: 116.50%-30,436.50% + Row bonuses profit +ETI profit;
• Bonuses for each $500 row;
• Initial deposit protection;
• Accruals protection;
• Affiliate Reward Up to 120%.


• Investment Period 6-120 months;
• Daily Accruals: 0,025-1,6%;
• Daily Booster profit: 0,00%;
• Total profit: 108,25%-3798,25%;
• Bonuses for each $500 row;
• Returned at the end of investment cycle;
• Initial Deposit protection;
• Accruals protection;
• Affiliate Reward: 3% - 60%.


The 8Bit investment platform is an example of a successful investment project implemented as a game process. You can take one of the ways to make money on the 8Bit platform or use all of them at the same time.