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Hyip-Zanoza.Me Terms of Use

This document describes the terms of use of the online Hyip-Zanoza service, which has a domain name, to be adhered to by customers. It is subject to the use of the content, services, and personal account presented on it (hereinafter referred to as «services» or «service»). The resource with the aforesaid domain name belongs to the administration of the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator (hereinafter referred to as «we»), whereas the user or customer is the person who visits the website (hereinafter referred to as «you»).We strongly recommend you to read the terms and conditions provided in this document before you start using our aggregator services. By visiting a resource that belongs to us, you confirm that you have read the full information contained in this document and strongly agree with it. If the User Agreement or any of its provisions are not acceptable to you, we recommend you to leave the site and do not use it in the future.

Right of use

Only customers of legal age of majority can use our website. However, the content and services presented on it are intended for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. Such actions are possible only in case of the prior agreement of the administration. You cannot use the service in case of violation of the User agreement on your part or in case of blocking your account.


The use of the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator by customers is governed by the provisions of this User Agreement. All content presented on the website is a copyright-protected item and belongs to the administration. Access to the aggregator's website, use of its services or materials is permitted only for informational purposes. By interacting with the website, the customer is aware that the content presented on its pages was collected, prepared, developed, and structured at a significant cost of time and financial resources, so it is a valuable intellectual property for the resource owners. Therefore, the customer must respect the administration's rights to protect their intellectual property rights. The resource administration provides customers with a limited license to use the content and services. In this case, the customer undertakes to use this right only for personal non-commercial purposes. The customer does not retain any other rights to the submitted content. In particular, the customer cannot copy, distribute, edit, reproduce, sell or lease the materials present on the website. Violation of the rules set out in the User agreement will result in a ban on using the resource.

Prohibited activities

The customer undertakes not to carry out the following actions in relation to the HYIP-Zanoza aggregator:
  1. to copy materials from the website and make them publicly accessible by placing on websites, pages in social networks, and other Internet resources.
  2. to use the materials provided on the website to obtain commercial profit.
  3. to use against any means of data analysis, as well as manual or automatic data collection.
  4. to perform an excessive load on the server by making multiple requests, which will be regarded as a DDoS attack aimed at reducing the performance of the aggregator.
  5. to attempt to gain unauthorized access to other customers' accounts.
  6. to use viruses or software designed to disrupt the operation of the website or receive any data.
  7. to bypass protection methods of to obtain information, disrupt or prevent other users from accessing the website.
  8. to use the brand, logo, and name of the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator for personal or commercial purposes.
  9. to use the website or the content presented on it for illegal purposes.

Intellectual property

The customer may view, copy or print the website materials solely for personal use. Conducting all other activities related to our content, whether commercial or not, is prohibited. You can get permission for other types of use of our intellectual property by making a request to the resource administration. The logo of the Hyip-Zanoza website is the brand of the aggregator and is subject to the legislation on the protection of intellectual property. It cannot be copied, fully or partially used without the written permission of the website administration. All other trademarks and logos that are placed on the pages of the aggregator are the property of their owners. The use of logos of other companies can only be carried out with the permission of their administration. If the customer has witnessed the unauthorized use of intellectual property objects of the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator, he/she is obliged to report the fact of such a violation of the law to the resource administration at the email address....

Placing links to the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator

Website customers can place links to our aggregator on third-party resources, but the links and the context must meet certain requirements:
  • The link can be either anchor or non-anchor, but the text, in this case, must correspond to the content of our resource.
  • Your website must not contain illegal information, provide prohibited services, or trade prohibited goods.
  • The context of the page on which the link will be inserted should not bear negative comments about the aggregator, contain slander, or mislead visitors about the functions and services of the Hyip-Zanoza resource.
  • The information on the page where the link is placed should not give users the impression that the HYIP-Zanoza aggregator has anything to do with your resource.
The Hyip-Zanoza service administration retains the right to revoke the right to use our link on your website at any time. In this case, you must delete the link within 3 days.

Disclaimer statement

All materials on the Hyip-Zanoza website are provided for informational purposes only and do not serve as a call for any action. No data can be considered as a direct offer to invest in any project presented on our aggregator. You should not consider our information as financial advice or recommendation. We get a lot of information about investment projects from their resources, so we are not responsible for the authenticity of this information. Data about projects may be incomplete, untrue, or irrelevant. We are not responsible for any errors or discrepancies. The described information may be relevant only at the time of preparation of the material. Any changes in the work of the projects will be made by the administration of the aggregator as and when necessary. The aggregator owners are not responsible for any material, moral or other losses that may occur as a result of your decisions made based on information from the Hyip-Zanoza website. We do not call for any action, so we are not responsible for any damage that your investment activity may cause. You can only submit any proceedings in connection with low-quality, inefficient, unprofitable work of projects that did not meet your expectations to the administration of these projects, and not to our aggregator.

Links to other resources

The Hyip-Zanoza monitoring pages contain links to other resources. Your use of these websites is at your own risk, as we do not control or manage the information contained on such websites. These links are implemented in the text for the convenience of users and quick access to investment project websites. But it does not mean that we approve these resources or urge you to sign up. When you go to the website using such a link, we shall bear no responsibility for their content and the possible consequences of such a transition. Any claims in this regard are not accepted and can only be addressed to the owners of websites that have led to undesirable consequences.

Modification of Hyip-Zanoza monitoring

The Hyip-Zanoza aggregator administration retains the right to make changes to the site design, interface, functionality at any time and at its own discretion. In this case, we are not obliged to notify users of any changes and are not responsible for any consequences. The website is provided in the form in which the administration deems it necessary to present it.

Final provisions

The current User Agreement may be amended at any time, which will completely or partially change its essence. The administration of the Hyip-Zanoza aggregator does not assume any obligation to notify customers about this, so each user must familiarize himself/herself with the current version of the document. There is no joint venture or job relationship between the management of Hyip-Zanoza monitoring and its users. Besides, the aggregator administration shall not be responsible for the lack of access to the resource, regardless of whether it was our fault or not. There are no financial relationships and obligations between the management of the Hyip-Zanoza project and the customers. We provide the resource on a free basis, so such failures cannot lead to any losses for the customers.