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Latest 10 reviews

Cloud-token – reviews and cloud-token status (paying or scam)

5 out of 5 based on 11 user ratings.
HYIP screenshot  Cloud Token Wallet
ZanozaRating: 10.00
Earn Up to 12% monthly
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1st level 100%, 2nd lvl – 50%, 3+ lvls – 5% from regular income
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Reviews on Cloud-token (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)
CloudTokenWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet which can bring profit to its users just for keeping the coins in the app. Read more about its benefits and expectations for the investors below.

CloudToken Review – Project Features

This project is known for its out-of-the-box approach. The project was launched several months ago and was mainly developed and promoted among the Asian users. However, the information about the fund was gradually distributed in the international arena, and new users are willingly joining CloudToken. Why is this investment asset so popular? The point is that it is being developed by Ronald Aai, an outstanding person in blockchain technology area. He is a public figure and could be frequently seen at different conferences and in different projects connected with the development of new software products.

The idea of the project is not new: similar cryptowallets existed in the past as well, and they were quite popular. Similar projects called Wotoken and Plus Token have recently made a lot of buzz giving the investors a very substantial profit percentage – Plus Token internal token grew by 15,000%, and only lazy people didn’t earn in this case. As for CloudToken wallet, which we are reviewing here, it is very promising, because the working principles are the same, and right from the very beginning the popularity of the wallets in the past created the positive image of the today’s wallets for the investors.

The platform installation is perfect. The project has a high quality resource in the Internet, an iOS and Android ap, and the system infrastructure is blockchain-based, which provides a complete security.

Investment conditions in Cloud Token Wallet

If you are thinking of this platform as an investment one rather than as a cryptowallet, then you have an opportunity to earn at very attractive conditions. You are offered to keep your cryptocurrency in this wallet and get profit, although the project has not any straightforward investment offer, and the investors are free in their actions. Coin keeping in the wallet will bring you regular dividends, while there are no investment periods or cashout limits. An investor can cash out the money at any time or keep it without any time limits.
The users get the profit in the internal tokens called CTO, a token’s price is not fixed and demand dependent. The internal token has just started to grow and could reach the figures of Plus Token, the time will show, but right now the investors rely heavily on it. Here we can see all prerequisites for success. The project will be promoted internationally, that is why the resources for the fund are bottomless.

The minimum top-up sum is 50$ in cryptocyrrency. When the money is kept in the wallet, a user will regularly get a floating profit percentage, which will bring about 9-12% a month. The money can be cashed out at any moment, but the first 30 days will take 10% fee from the cashout sum, then the fee will be decreased to 1%. Thus, the first month of the cashout is not profitable for an investor, while by the end of the period the fee will be tiny.

Investment features for Cloud Token Wallet:

• Minimum sum: 0.005 ??? (for USDT – 200$).
• Top up currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, TUSD.
• Minimum cashout sum: from 1$ in cryptocurrency.
• Fee: 10% for cashout in the first 30 days, later on – 1%.
• Cashout type: immediate (any day of a week).
• Referral program: from the partners’ profit in the sum 100%-50%-5%-5%-5%-5%-5%-5%-5%-5% (you should have a minimum 50$ deposit to participate). – registration and work with an app

The project has its features,that is why, we recommend to carefully explore procedure registration in Cloud Token.
The instruction we give below here can help to start working with this unusual dividend paying wallet.

1. Download and install a mobile app to work with this wallet. First go to a project website https and select an app version for your device - iOS or Android – on the main page.
2. When the download is completed, you can launch an app and create a new account by following a link “Create account”.
3. Note that you need an invite code for registration. That is why enter cloud token referral code 4728495803 on the next page.
4. The system generates a mnemonic phrase which should be securely stored.
5. When you are registered, any user of Cloud Token app has a reasonable question – how to top up an account? Here we recommend you to wait for a while and to make all necessary security settings.
6. Select one of the cryptocurrencies in the wallet and transfer the coins to the wallet. As soon as you activate this function in “Projects” section, your deposits will start getting the profit in CTO tokens.
7. Please note that you should exchange CTO tokens into any available cryptocurrency before cashout from

Cloud Token – reviews about the project and its future

Cloud Token official website was launched in spring 2019, is considered to be a very promising earning tool for many investors. First of all, the users have already tried similar projects and they know what to expect. Secondly, the wallet founder Ronald Aai is a known and public figure. He showed the evidences of his real activities as his records from his personal trader cabinet in Binance exchange, which explains the profitability in the project.

Originally, Cloud Token news was distributed in Asia only, however, today this project starts its international development without much haste. This is a great benefit which shows that the project will see flows of investors in the future. As for the Asian market, the project there has become very popular.
The hype about the project was so high from the very beginning that the users tried to find out in the chats how to buy cloud token from each other and bet on its exchange rate.

Let us note here that the plans of cloudtokenwallet developers are extensive, and they promise both different technical app upgrades and the issue of the plastic cards for the users. This is one more benefit to the project, because the development has a positive impact on the investment fund life.

The wallet starts working not long ago, so extra profit could be gained from the future growth of Cloud Token exchange rate.
By now ??? has doubled, while the exchange rate of a similar wallet used to grow by 150 times, from 0.5$ to 74$.

When you start an app, enter an referral code 4728495803 – registration is impossible without it.
Reviews on Cloud-token (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)