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For a website/blog owner
You have a website about making money on the Internet? You have a blog on the topic of investments?
"New HYIP projects" widget is a great opportunity to favorably present your project among the competitors!
Controlling element is installed anywhere on your page with a simple code.
Widget displays real-time screenshots of the newly opened investment programs.
All the new HYIPs at your fingertips! Your visitors do not need to look for new projects on third-party resources.

Main features of the widget:
  • automatic updates every minute;
  • display of screenshots, names, statuses, and launch dates of new projects;
  • An option for the user to receive detailed analysis of HYIP projects (after clicking on "Analysis" link);

Below the block we put a small link to our online service. You can always remove it if you wish.

Adjustable settings in the code:
  width – block width: minimum 150, maximum 500;
  count – number of displayed HYIP projects: minimum 1, maximum 20;

Width adjustments of the main block style="width:150px;" allow to arrange HYIP blocks vertically, horizontally or in a few lines.

<script src=""></script>
  var width = 150; // Max - 500, Min - 150
  var count = 5; // Max - 20, Min - 1

  function load_newhyip(width, count) {

   $(document).ready(function() {
     setInterval(load_newhyip(width, count), 60000);

<div id='hyipzanoza_load' style='width:150px;'></div>
<a style='font-size:11px; text-align:center;' target='_blank' title='HYIP-ZANOZA.ME - HYIP projects analysis' href=''>HYIP-ZANOZA.ME - HYIP projects analysis</a>