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Latest 10 reviews

Project review
Developer's country mat


2017-01-19 13:45:46

Project review
Developer's country Niki
19.01.17 06:35 Receive Received Payment 6.3 USD from account U9409689...


2017-01-19 13:44:43

Project review
Developer's country Шолпан
не платит!!!


2017-01-19 12:06:52

Project review
Developer's country grapholite
https://btclab.io/?ref=elisantibtc It does have a referral program 5...


2017-01-19 07:23:34

Project review
Developer's country Lera
01.18.17 06:57 Account Receive +8.4 Received Payment 8.4 USD from...


2017-01-19 06:15:26

Project review
Developer's country Максим Щербина
How much time has passed after the attachment of Deposit?


2017-01-19 02:12:33

Project review
Developer's country Mike
Закинул вчера 50$, сегодня пришли...


2017-01-19 01:20:53

Project review
Developer's country Ibrazworld
Its awesome Admin pays in all plans.. register...


2017-01-19 00:36:56

Project review
Developer's country Lloyd
Another payment of $3,000 was due today and no sign of it. So that is...


2017-01-19 00:07:53

Project review
Developer's country MarJa
Bio Hourly I do not want to withdraw money from the plan "Biotech...


2017-01-18 21:35:44

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this page contains statistics and detailed analysis of the HYIP project (xabo.io).
ZanozaRating (ZR)
3.63 ZR
Start: 2016-05-26
Minimal deposit: $ 10.00
Monitor deposits:$ 29081.46
Monitor deposits (yesterday): $ 446.00
Monitor deposits (today): $ 0.00
Referral program: 7%-2%-1%
Type of payment: Ручной
Payment systems: PerfectMoneyBitCoinPayeerBankWire
Plans: Up to 5% daily or 150% within 50 days.
To leave a review on XABO, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
WHOIS domain xabo.io
Technical data HYIP
Last check: 2017-01-19 15:10:08
Website ping:
Server location country: Ecuador Server location country
Hosting: Dancom Ltd
Website IP address:
Domain Registrar: no_info
НС server:ns4.ddos-guard.net
НС server:ns1.ddos-guard.net
SSL: i - GeoTrust Inc.
Similar designs:
Number of monitorings: 13
Alexa rating: 24457
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Topic XABO on the forum mmgp.ruTopic XABO on the forum talkgold.comTopic XABO on the forum moneymakergroup.comTopic XABO on the forum dreamteammoney.com
Detailed analysis and reviews HYIP project XABO. Updates on all monitors, results.
All data on HYIP-project XABO is updated automatically. Our bot is analysing HYIP monitorings, blogs, and forums, collecting updated information on the projects. You can vote for this HYIP project on the page and leave a review. If you have received incorrect information, please inform us via email or Skype. We will take it into account and correct all the mistakes for even better functionality of our robot.
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Reviews on XABO
2017-01-14 18:48:17
Project review
Developer's countryNewnell
BEST https://www.v8bitcoin.com/?ref=Newnell https://xabo.io/welcome?ref=Newnell https://razzleton.com/?ref=Newnell https://hihourly.com/?ref=Newnell https://www.merchantshares.com/r/Newnell

2017-01-12 13:36:49
Project review
Developer's countryAnitos-Marketing
bisher zufriedensellend

2017-01-11 19:02:46
Project review
Developer's countryRM
Xabo is best. Pay-me

2017-01-10 23:39:30
Project review
Developer's countrybukstone
Make a deposit of 10$ and make 3.6 daily forever, Instant payout, Best site out there now. https://yasacoin.com/?ref=bukstone

2017-01-06 21:00:22
Project review
Developer's countryПавел
Платит !!! Date : 2017-01-06 17:48:25 From/To Account : U900472281646 Amount : 0.50 Currency : USD Status : COMPLETED Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM Memo : Invoice #1659235, wolf65 Payment ID : a4fe9f62-f8f8-43a7-a1f8-7db76908fd39

2017-01-05 16:31:48
Project review
Developer's countryПавел
Проект платит по прежнему . Но есть задержки с начислениями !!!

2017-01-05 22:09:58

Project review

Developer's country Amelia

Надеюсь. что будет. Сделала вклад еще 4 числа. и тоже нет начислений.

2016-12-30 06:22:13
Project review
Developer's countryDanilo Silva
Otima empresa, clicou caiu na carteira comeceu com 10 dolares e hoje estou com 164 dolares, expetacular.

2017-01-06 10:32:08

Project review

Developer's country john

please in english

2017-01-10 18:50:42

Project review

Developer's country JOAO JUNIOR

quanto tempo levou isso?

2016-12-25 12:43:05
Project review
Developer's countryАлексей Данилин
платит,хороший проект

2016-12-25 00:42:30
Project review
Developer's countryMegadeath
Вкладывайтесь в долгоиграющие проекты от реальных фирм типа http://ffunds.ru/r/u13280 - проект платит два года и которая реальная - кредитами занимается)

2016-11-09 18:28:29
Project review
Developer's countryСергей
Сейчас есть небольшие проблемы с сервером, но начисления идут. Так что пожелаем прекрасной работы проекту.

2016-08-04 07:23:03
Project review
Developer's countryАлексей
сегодня выплата инстан. https://blockchain.info/tx/df5837e72f0414d49daa32554b4ced849ed26227e457e1592f309b60dd39ac6c до этого тоже все инстант.

2016-06-28 18:54:29
Project review
Developer's countryXABO
платит инстантом, % плавает от 2-х до 4-х.

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