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Latest 10 reviews

Project review Developer's country
BTCBS is NOT PAYING... Earnings are seen but Withdrawals dont come in....


2018-04-19 15:27:04

Project review Developer's country
ФАСТ-СКАМ 101% !!!


2018-04-19 14:15:32

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
$10.46 Withdraw Received From doubletumbler in our Bitcoin Wallet...


2018-04-19 14:13:22

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
The amount of 2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:...


2018-04-19 13:44:12

Project review Developer's country
the administrator writes that I will be able to withdraw money only in...


2018-04-19 13:34:56

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
The amount of 0.88 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:...


2018-04-19 13:32:58

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
The amount of $3 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:...


2018-04-19 13:19:35

Project review Developer's country
waiting for an answer from admin wcapital.


2018-04-19 13:15:13

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
The amount of 0.9 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:...


2018-04-19 13:04:42

Project review Developer's country
Secure Investment
The amount of 6 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts:...


2018-04-19 12:47:47



this page contains statistics and detailed analysis of the HYIP project (elect.capital).
HYIP screenshot  ElectCapital
WHOIS domain elect.capital
Start2016-05-19Minimal deposit$ 25.00
Deposits$ 178.000Deposits yesterday$ 0.000
Deposits today$ 0.000Referral program7%
Type of paymentРучнойPayment systems
3.7% daily for 30 days 0.7% - 1% daily for 365 days
Technical data HYIP
Last check2017-09-27 12:35:53Server location countryUnited States Server location country
HostingCloudFlareWebsite IP address104.25.171.47
Domain Registrarno_infoНС server
SSLEssentialSSL - COMODO CA LimitedAlexa rating127016
Status HYIP ElectCapital on monitorings
AlexaRank history since adding to the database
Investment statistics for 30 days
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Detailed analysis and reviews HYIP project ElectCapital(elect.capital). Updates on all monitors, results.
All data on HYIP-project ElectCapital is updated automatically. Our bot is analysing HYIP monitorings, blogs, and forums, collecting updated information on the projects. You can vote for this HYIP project on the page and leave a review. If you have received incorrect information, please inform us via email or Skype. We will take it into account and correct all the mistakes for even better functionality of our robot.
Permanent link to analysis of the HYIP project ElectCapital
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Reviews on ElectCapital
Project review Developer's country
theplake2018-03-06 18:24:33
unsere accounts wurden mittlerweile auch gelöscht. RIP

Project review Developer's country
Bernd Soltysiak2018-01-31 09:49:08
VORSICHT!!!!!!! Auf keinen Fall Geld einzahlen. Diese Betrüger zahlen kein Geld mehr aus und melden sich auch nicht. Denke mal, dass das angelegte Konto nur ein Scheinkonto ist. Hier werden täglich irgendwelche Zinsen gutgeschrieben aber das eingelegte Geld ist schon lange verschwunden. Keine Chance seine Kohle wieder zu bekommen. Die Verbrecher hocken in Russland und der Türkei. Denke das sagt alles aus. Darum Finger weg von dieser Scheisse.

Project review Developer's country
Mike2018-01-18 09:13:47
Is correct. NOT PAYING OUT since 27.12.2017

Project review Developer's country
Алексей2017-11-02 21:20:17
Уважаемая администрация прошу убрать статус "НЕ платит" с проекта Elect Capital, он платит исправно и выполняет все условия договора. Не знаю где информацию взяли, видно не проверили!

2018-01-11 09:53:05

Project review Developer's country


Все верно со статусом. Не платит с 27.12.2017 Если это не так опровергните АЛЕКСЕЙ!

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