Buy 1920x180 non-rotating banner
Slot paid to: 2024-10-19
Price for month: $900
Price for 2 months: $1400
Price for 3 months: $1800
Buy 1920x180 rotating (0/3) banner
This slot is free
Price for month: $700
Price for 2 months: $1100
Price for 3 months: $1400
Buy 728x90 non-rotating banner
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Price for 2 weeks: $90
Price for month: $130
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Slot paid to: 2024-08-22
Price for 2 weeks: $90
Price for month: $130
Buy 728x90 rotating (3/5) banner
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Price for 2 weeks: $45
Price for month: $70
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This slot is free
Price for 2 weeks: $45
Price for month: $70

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Unique service - listing on the monitoring service 
Hyip Zanoza

Do you want to reach the maximum audience and increase traffic to your site? The best option for this is to buy a listing on our service, because it includes the following:

1. Listing and all its features are purchased for the entire duration of the project. Advertising will be removed in case of non-compliance with the advertised services and if we find prohibited materials on your site: promotion of violence, drugs, various psychotropics, adult content, etc.

2. VIP status is assigned on all monitoring pages.

3. The allocation of the advertised resource in a separate service: social networks, sending news to telegrams, targeted mailing, personal moderator.

4. The possibility of free placement of press release of your business, which will give the maximum coverage to our audience.

5. Total cost of $800 ($200 of them for reinvest).
This price is valid if we are assigned the maximum reward for the affiliate program.

6. Purchase by "fast" projects ONLY in the first 3 days after launch. Everything else will be refunded within 72 business hours! 

7. The project must be of high quality: a reliable script, protection against hacking, data protection, unique design and content. Projects are not suitable for quality will be deleted from the list of VIP projects, and the funds will be returned minus the commission payment system. If you are in doubt whether your project is suitable for our conditions, write to us by mail or telegram and specify.


Banner promotion is one of the most effective ways to advertise business today. It allows you to attract users even if they saw the banner side vision. Banner positions on our service are located in the most visible parts of the site and will not go unnoticed by potential investors.

As practice and hundreds of satisfied customers shows, that such advertising is most effective and gives a positive result in the first days of placing your banner.

Banner advertising is not only target customers and instant results, but also the popularity and recognition of your brand. Not sure how to start? Of course, with beautiful banners on the monitoring HYIP-ZANOZA.

Conditions of placement:

1. Placement of banners occurs automatically immediately after payment to one of the presented electronic payment systems.

2. In the event of a change or non-compliance by the advertised site of its duties (for example, termination of payments by the project), the banner is removed without refund.

3. Advertising of web resources with the promotion of violence, obscene language, "adults only", with information about hacking is prohibited. This kind of advertising will be removed immediately without a refund.

4. Banners will be shown only in desktop browsers.

5. If the advertised site has an affiliate program - than we use to clicks by banner only our affiliate link.

6. If your site is not in our database among the projects with the "paying" and "waiting" status, then first write to us and ask if we will advertise your site.

Press Release

You can place an order to "Press release" of your business in 7 languages on the monitoring site HYIP ZANOZA.

Press release is a full review of your website with a description of all the features and unique "chips."

Review increase project credibility and user conversion. When people come from search engines, they read the release of the project and then more warmly refer to the site. Also the moderator of the HYIP-ZANOZA service moderates topics with reviews so that there is no spam.

Total cost of $100.

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Hyip Zanoza - best assistance for a hyip investors.
Using our service, investors can monitor hyip projects, find out about new hyips first and get the most updated and detailed information.
We powerful, modern, multi-functional analyser of hyip projects.

HYIP-ZANOZA service provides the fullest information on investment projects, and is a unique and desireable tool for any HYIP investor.
ZR rating of any HYIP project does not guarantee safety and profitability of any of your deposits.
Remember that all your investments are at risk, do not invest more than you can afford to lose.
We wish for all our visitors to manage their funds wisely, because it will define whether you will live a rich life or in constant need of money.