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105% in a week, 110% after 2 weeks, 116% after 3 weeks, 122% after 4 w
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Overview Wisedeposit.com

WiseDeposit is an international mutual financing platform that makes a single ecosystem for private investors that let you earn up to 253% per month. The project operates on the principle of a mutual assistance fund, where payments are fulfilled clearly in accordance with investment program. At the time of writing open data about the company give no reason to believe that WiseDeposit do not pay.


Among benefits of project mentioned on the official website of wisedeposit.com there are the following:

  • Payment schedule. This seemingly insignificant feature let customers plan their income and expenses more efficiently.
  • Deposit insurance. Smart adaptation system makes possible to overcome the negative consequences of the slightest market fluctuations.
  • Transparency of the platform. The project’s rules specify how the platform functions in detail. Moreover, each investor can track the dynamics and statistics online.

Offers for investors

On the official website wisedeposit.com investor is offered three programs with following terms:

  • Average yield: 120-253%;
  • Maximum deposit: 1300 USD;
  • Deposit term: from 4 to 26 weeks;
  • Refund of deposit: at the end of the term.

Also the website provides an 8-level affiliate program with the line of charges from 10% to 0.1%. Attracting referrals will improve your personal financial performance.

Sign up

To become a member of the Wise Deposit investment program just sign up for wisedeposit.com and make your first deposit. Just click "Registration" and fill out the form to create a new account. You can also create a demo account to test the investment program without funding.
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