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Universecash reviews - paying or scam

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UniverseCash is a high-yield platform with a payout of 3.3% per day. The fund offers deposits in cryptocurrency, and also provides the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit with a 5% commission.

Information about the project

The activity of the company is carried out in the field of cryptocurrencies, and at once in several directions - the mining, trading and exchange operations. The investment platform was developed in 2021, and the firm is staffed by technical experts and financial managers who distribute customer investments on the promising areas. The official registration of the company was carried out in the UK.

On the technical side, the platform is provided with a script from Gold Coders, there is a unique design and domain for 2 years. The site has several language versions, which makes it convenient to use for users from different countries. It can also be noted a typical for investment projects personal account, which provides the possibility to easily invest and withdraw money to the wallet.

Investment conditions in UniverseCash

The fund accepts investments from $15, you can invest it under the terms of three high-yield plans. The project offers to earn from 3.3% to 6% per day, while the investment period will range from 33 to 60 days. Due to the high percentage of daily accruals, the exit in profit comes before the end of the investment period.

Depending on the plan, the profit can be fixed from 17 to 31 days, besides there is a function of early withdrawal - during the period from 15 to 30 days with 5% commission. Regardless of the plan you choose, the final earnings will amount to 200% not including the deposit.
  • Yield: from 3.3% to 6% per day
  • Investment terms: 33-60 days
  • Investment amount: from $15 (maximum amount is unlimited)
  • Exit in profit: 31-17 days
  • Profit size: 200%

Website features:

  1. Investment: from $15 (depends on the tariff, there are no maximum limits).
  2. Payment acceptance: BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, TRX.
  3. Cryptocurrency conversion: no conversion for deposits
  4. Commission: there is a 5% commission for early withdrawal of the deposit.
  5. Minimum withdrawal: $15.
  6. Profit withdrawal: from 30 minutes to 48 hours.
  7. Affiliate program: 6%-3%-1%.

Registration on website

To start earning with the UniverseCash platform, you need to go to the site and use the button «Start to make profit now» or select «Login or Register».

A login form will appear and you have to press the «Registration» button.

Next, you need to enter in the registration form the data such as: name, username, password, email address. Enter the verification code below, confirm your agreement with the rules of the project by ticking the checkbox, then confirm the registration with the button «Register».

The system will inform you that you have successfully created an account and that your login details should not be disclosed. Using them, authorize and get into a personal account. To deposit money, open the section «Buy Contract».

Here you choose the tariff and specify the amount of investment. Finally, it remains to click the button «Spending money» and transfer the required amount to the details of the project.

To request the withdrawal of money, you can do it through the section «Withdraw funds». In this section, you have to create a standard application.
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