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Overview Unitrade.enterprises

UNITRADE is an officially registered corporation from the USA, which was founded in 2003 and has been successfully operating to this day. The strength of this investment fund is in its team of professional traders, which has extensive experience in various markets and consistently makes money for the company. On the fund’s official website the main UNITRADE’s goal is declared as achieving systematic success in the financial markets and securing obligations to investors.


On the official website unitrade.enterprises the company notes among its key advantages:

  • 16 years of practical trading;
  • More than 200 highly qualified specialists;
  • Tens of millions of successful trade transactions;
  • Thousands of satisfied investors;
  • Capitalization of 65 million USD.

Investment portfolios

The company offers potential investors 4 investment portfolios (Beginner, Advanced, Expert, Trader). Each of them guarantees a stable profit. Terms for investors are presented below:

  • Deposit amount: from 10 to 50,000 USD;
  • Profit for the entire deposit term: 6.0-10.5%;
  • Income per day: 0.4-0.7%;
  • Deposit term: 15-115 days;
  • Accrual and withdrawal on business days.

How it works

The scheme of the investment fund is next. The investor funds into the account and after that the deposited amount goes to the general pool and is distributed among several dozens of trading pairs. According to the information on the website, UNITRADE full-time traders work on large platforms such as Nasdaq, Exmo and Bitfinex. The team makes money on margin trading, generating stable profits for the fund. The entire earned amount is distributed among investors. The balance is paid to the team and reserved.

Keep in mind that early closure of a deposit is available for investments of more than 10,000 USD with a deduction of 20%, excluding profit. Therefore, it is recommended to plan your investments in advance before signing up for unitrade.enterprises.
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