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Rubickon reviews - paying or scam

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3.3% daily on business days, 1.0% daily on weekends.
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Rubicon intelligent platform is a blockchain-based investment platform that allows private investors to invest from 0.0015 BTC in projects with a high entry threshold, whether it is IPOs, startups or investment funds.

Information about the project

The Rubickon project opens access to high-yield investments. Below you can see the step by step instruction of how traders can work at the platform:
• Step 1. A user sign ups on and creates a deposit.
• Step 2. Artificial intelligence automatically distributes customer's funds among selected high-yield investment products.
• Step 3. The depositor receives daily interest on the deposit (3.3% on weekdays and 1.0% on weekends).

What does Rubickon invest in?
• Digital assets and cryptocurrency;
• Promising IPO projects;
• Commercial real estate;
• Venture fund;
• Blockchain startups;
• Trading stocks, ETFs, bonds.

Cryptocurrency from Rubickon
Rubickon will soon present its cryptocurrency to investors, which will open additional customer functions, optimize the operation of the network, and minimize the commission fees. Rubickon members will be invited to the private stage of the initial token offering, which will provide them with privileged conditions. The auction will be held as transparently and safely as possible.

Investment conditions on Rubickon

The project accepts deposits in BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies. The minimum cash out is 0.0003 BTC and 0.015 ETH. If you use Bitcoin, to deposit/withdraw funds you need to wait for 3 confirmations in the blockchain. And if you use Ethereum, you need to wait for 12 confirmations.

Rubinvest box investment package:
High-yield financial plan with an entry threshold of 0.0015 BTC with a daily income of 3.3% on weekdays and 1.0% on weekends.
Aside from that, you can withdraw money within 24 hours after depositing, paying a commission of 10%.

Marketing features:
• The size of investment: you can deposit from 0.0015 BTC or 0.055 ETH
• Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum.
• Type of withdrawal: instant (all operations are carried out without delay, but sometimes the withdrawal can be extended by 24 hours).
• Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0003 BTC and 0.015 ETH
• Referral Program: from 5% to 10%, depending on the turnover of your structure.

Conclusion is a fairly young platform that is available to a wide range of private investors. The innovation of the project is an artificial intelligence system based on blockchain technology. The application of blockchain technologies to investment practice provides unprecedented benefits for investors. The Rubickon team is open for cooperation. To date, the website offers highly profitable investment products, which can take a worthy place in your investment portfolio.
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