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3% profit every business day, 1% profit on weekends and holidays
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Monelo is a limitless project with dynamic marketing that accepts only Bitcoin for investment. The fund allows investors to invest money for an unlimited period with the possibility to withdraw the deposit at any time.

Project information

Investment platform was launched on January 27, 2020, and presented to users a well-designed website with pricy technical parameters. The fund is focused primarily on cryptocurrency investors since one can’t invest in dollars, and the Bitcoins invested work without conversion. At the same time, the asset has an attractive tariff plan, which will allow the investor to determine the term of participation in the project independently. Investors will be able to quickly withdraw profits. Besides, users are charged a 10% commission (which can be easily refunded in 4 days) for the return of the investment.

The fund’s website is distinguished not only by its high level of development but also by a large number of language versions. There is enough information on the company’s activities that include trading on Forex and venture investments.
Investors are offered a profitable affiliate program with career prospects. Its peculiarity is that both active investors and those users who do not have investments will be able to earn rewards for attracting new participants.

Investment conditions offers one tariff for all investors, under which users are offered to make profits on an indefinite basis. By creating a deposit in the amount from 0.005 BTC, a participant can earn 3% on weekdays and 1% on weekends. The investor can receive the body of the deposit at any time 24 hours after making the deposit. In this case, he will be charged a commission of 10% of the amount.

Marketing features:
• Investment amount: from 0.005 BTC.
• Available deposit methods: Bitcoin.
• Commission fee for the withdrawal: when withdrawing the deposit body, 10% of the amount is charged.
• Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0005 BTC.
• Withdrawal of funds: instant (on request).
• Affiliate reward: from 5%-1%-1%-1% to 10%-1%-1%-1%.


1. The Monelo website is available in a lot of language versions, so users from any region will find it attractive. To create an account, you need to go to the homepage and click «Access to your account».
2. Then, enter your name, nickname, e-mail address and a personal Bitcoin address to be used for the investment.
3. Below you will need to create a secure password and repeat it twice, as well as enter a secure pin code, which will be requested for financial actions in your account. The last thing you need to do is to click the «Register» button.
4. You can make a deposit via the «Make a deposit» section. In the application, you will need to specify the amount in Bitcoins and the method of payment. After that, you will only need to press the button at the bottom of the form.
5. You can withdraw the profit and the invested money through the «Withdraw funds» section in your personal account.

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