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Overview Mindhome.io
We would like to present an overview of Mindhome to you. It is a project with perpetual marketing, which has already proved to be a solvent fund. Keep reading to find out about all the features of the website and its investment conditions.

Information about the Mindhome.io project

The official start of the project was on 04.11.2018. For this period, the administration showed a competent approach to promotion and a desire to work for the result. It has started in a good technical configuration; this was the time when reviews of Mindhome appeared in the network. The project has a positive reputation and many managed to join it and consistently receive a profit, but the promotion is international, so the website has not exhausted its development resource.
The fund is attractive for investors not only because of high-quality training but also because of profitable marketing with a yield of 6% per day on an indefinite basis. Having such a risky marketing project, organizers have shown that they skillfully cope with it. This has a positive impact on investment flow.

According to legend, the Mindhome company is investing in the development of a "smart" home. On the pages of this website, you can find information on the project activities that are related to the creation of automation systems for smart homes, which makes its use more comfortable. Such a legend can be called traditional; most of the funds show similar activities in the field of advanced technologies. With this project, it can be noted that the legend is well worked out.

Investment conditions on Mindhome

The project offers users four high-yield tariffs that will be in operation for an unlimited period. The deposit cannot be withdrawn, however, due to good interest daily charges, the investor will be able to quickly break even and keep receiving unlimited profits.

6 daily forever
• The plan yield: 6% per day
• Investment term: without a term
• Deposit size: $25 - $4999
• Exit at breakeven: after 17 days

7 daily forever
• The plan yield: 7% per day
• Investment term: without a term
• Deposit size: $5000 - $9999
• Exit at breakeven: after 15 days

8 daily forever
• The plan yield: 8% per day
• Investment term: without a term
• Deposit size: $10000 - $49999
• Exit at breakeven: after 13 days

9 daily forever
• The plan yield: 9% per day
• Investment term: without a term
• Deposit size: $50000 - $500000
• Exit at breakeven: after 12 days

Marketing features:
• Investment volume: the minimum amount starts from $ 25; the limits differ from plan to plan.
• Methods of depositing funds: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Perfect Money, and Payeer.
• Digital currency rate: fixed - $11000 = 1 BTC, $240 = 1 ETH, $80 = 1 LTC.
• Payment type: instant, in force majeure situations - up to 48 hours.
• The minimum amount of withdrawal: $2 for dollars, $12 for BTC, $6 for ETH and LTC.
• Affiliate Program: depends on the plan of the referral – first level: from 6% to 9%, second: 1%.

Signing up on Mindhome

1. Go to the official mindhome.io website to create an account and make a deposit to the project. Next, on the main page, click on the link "Create account", which can be found in the header of the website.
2. You will be offered to fill in a registration form, in the left part of which your full name, login, password (which must be repeated twice), the email address should be specified. Below you will need to specify the secret question and the answer to it. In the right part of the form, you will see the name of the inviter. Later, enter your wallets in payment systems. The only thing left to do is to check the entered information and click the "Create Account" button at the bottom of the form.
3. Once your account is created, you will be able to log in to the website and go to the "Make a deposit" section. On the page that pops up, select the method of payment, the amount, and a specific payment system. Finally, click the "Confirm" button.
4. You can request funds for withdrawal through the "Withdraw funds" section.
5. The withdrawal request created by you will be processed instantly, but the project rules state that in case of force majeure there may be a delay of up to 48 hours.
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