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Mido-finance reviews - paying or scam

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Mido Finance is a project with extensive investment opportunities, which offers to earn from 0.7% per day and presents a wide range of tariffs. Below, we will review the features of this asset.

Information about the project

The company makes money on the cryptocurrency market, and the activity is carried out in several directions at once. The firm’s specialists work in the areas of digital asset trading, lending and the NFT market. These profitable areas for earnings are also offered to investors who can open an investment and receive completely passive income.

In the technical peculiarities of the fund, we would like to emphasize the fact that the platform operates on a licensed script from Gold Coders, has a unique design and all the necessary protective software. The fund’s domain is on lease for 2 years and its expiry date is in January 2022. The project interface will be understandable for investors with different experience, registration will not take much time, and the personal account is convenient for performing investment actions.

Investment conditions in Mido Finance

In there are three areas for making money at once, and each of them includes several plans. In fact, they can be divided into tariffs with regular accruals and after-conditions with the payment of profit and deposit at the end of the whole period. In general, the range of presented tariffs will allow the depositor to choose the best option both in terms of time, amount and profitability.

Daily tariffs

  • Yield: from 0.7% to 2.2% per day
  • Investment period: 7-67 days
  • Amount of deposit: $50-$50000
  • Breakeven exit: from 7 days
  • Profit size: 4.9%-147.4%

After plans

  • Yield: from 2.3% to 4.3% per day
  • Investment period: 80-140 days
  • Deposit: from $200
  • Breakeven exit: at the end of the term
  • Deposit refund: at the end together with the profit
  • Profit size: 92%-488%

Marketing features:

  1. Deposit limits: from 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.30 LTC, 50.00 USDT.
  2. Accept payments: USDT TRC-20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, BNB.
  3. Cryptocurrency conversion: not applicable.
  4. Project commission: none.
  5. Minimum withdrawal: 0.001 BTC, 0.02 ETH, 0.01 LTC, 10.00 USDT.
  6. Profit withdrawal: manually, up to 96 hours (only on weekdays).
  7. Affiliate program: from 5%-2%-1% to 11%-5%-3%-2%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%.

Registration on the site

You can start making money with the Mido Finance investment platform immediately after passing the registration. To do this, visit the main page of the project and select «Free register».

You will need to enter your username, password (you need to repeat it twice in the line below), email address, captcha. Registration is completed with the «Create account» button.

You can start creating a deposit through the «Deposit» section. It will offer to choose one of the presented payment systems and investment direction.

Below on the same page you need to select a plan, enter the amount, and then confirm the creation of a deposit with the «Make deposit» button. All that remains is to make the payment and your money will start generating income according to the terms of the selected tariff.

You can withdraw earned money through the «Withdraw» section, in it, you need to specify the payment system, enter the amount of the request and confirm the application with the button at the bottom of the form.
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