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Galacticprofit – reviews and status (paying or scam)

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10%-11% Daily for 12 days, principal included
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It is awesome investment project with instant payments. By joining, you will receive your first income quickly (from 10% daily for 12 days).Your upline: You do not have an upline. One-click registration - you will get your password via email and can change it after logged in. if you already registered. using the password sent to your email. using the password sent to your email.Next accrual for all accounts after countdown finished. Your first accrual after deposited will be in: How can I register in your project? Registration takes place in 1 click - enter your email into the form on the main screen and click the Join button. After that you will receive an email with registration data. You can set the password and wallet numbers after authorization in the account. Tell me about the marketing of the project. Galactic Profit means that you will receive more and more income as you actively participate in the project. Minimum daily interest is 10%. All tariffs work 12 calendar days and are designed so that the more you reinvest, the higher your percentage of return (for all your active and future deposits). Example: for deposits sum from 10 to 100 USD, the percentage will be 10% per day for 12 days (total 120%), for sum of deposits from 101 to 200 USD, the percentage will already be 10.1% daily. For sum of 201 - 300 USD income will be 10.2% daily. And so on up to 1000 USD. For amounts in thousands of USD, the interest will be as follows: sum of 1001 - 2000 USD will bring you 11.1% daily, for sum of deposits from 2001 to 3000 USD, the percentage will be 11.2% per day for 12 days, and so on up to 10,000 USD. Explain me how interest is accrued? Income is accrued to all accounts and for all deposits at the same time of the day (0 hours UTC, regardless of when the deposit was made), the counter (counts 24 hours) on the main page will show how much time is left until the next accrual: if you manage to make a deposit before the counter is reset, you will receive your first income much earlier than in 24 hours. NOTE for example: if your deposits sum is 254 USD (you gets 10.2% daily on it) and you added new deposit for 50 USD - sum become 304 USD and next accrual will be already 10.3% for all your active deposits, and so on. Moreover - ended deposits still continue to be taken into account in the amount of deposits when determining the percentage of income. What is the minimum amount of investment in your project? The minimum deposit is 10 USD or the equivalent in cryptocurrency. There is no minimum deposit amount for reinvestments from the balance, while for reinvestments, a referral bonus is also credited to your upline and you can request a refback for deposits from the balance. Is there an affiliate program and do I need a personal deposit to participate in it? The affiliate program has 3 levels (7%, 2%, 1%). The second level will open at a structure turnover of 5,000 USD, the third - at a structure turnover of 10,000 USD. You can invite partners without your personal deposit. What payment systems does the project work with? The project accepts the most popular payment systems: What is the payment schedule? Payments are instant (with technical regulations (for example, at the time of maintenance) up to 24 hours). Just save your wallets in Settings div and press Withdraw button to get paid to your wallet. If you has another question - feel free to write us via form below.If you are not registered, register in 1 click on the main screen
Reviews on (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)