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cloudtoken detailed analysis: current status and investment terms

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Earn 6% to 12% monthly
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1st level 100%, 2nd lvl – 50%, 3-10 lvls – 5% rewards from regular income
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This article will get you acquianted with an unusual Asian project which is becoming popular globally. Cloud Token asset wallet, which will be reviewed later, is quite an exciting instrument in terms of its website installation and its investment offers.

Cloud Token – project reviews

Cloud Token is a wallet to store the cryptocurrencies. The wallet makes the profit simply by keeping the coins on the account. In comparison with the traditional high-yield projects, Cloud Token Wallet is not just a legend – developers presented an operating cross-platform cryptocyrrency storage instrument and evidenced that they are trading and making profits. In-house iOS Android apps can evidence for the proper level of the fund, and this is not all. The wallet runs on a blockchain technology which provides complete security.

Balance earnings are calculated in Cloud Token CTO – project token. This asset has the minimal price, and the investors can get profit from the accruals and from a high token exchange rate. In the context of interest towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, this project attracts a lot of attention from the investors and cryptoenthusiasts, many have already gained some profit and continue doing it today.

Information about CloudToken

Notebly, Asian market has already dealt with the projects similar to The investors successfully earned in Plus token and Wotoken which worked excellent, and this concept of project-wallet proved to be working. That is why this newcomer is at the center of attention - this wallet is worth being trusted.

News about Cloud Token was heard in April 2019, when the fund was launched. It became clear from the very beginning that Ronald Aai manages the project – he is well known in blockchain technology area, he wouldn't destroy his reputation by being involved into dubious projects. Preparation level for Cloud Token, an official website, app-wallet and an interest towards the fund evidence that the project is rather outstanding and worth paying attention to.

Marketing in CloudTokenWallet

The wallet can store the cryptocurrencies, which can bring the dividends on the money on the users' accounts. That is, investment is about storing the money and earning while your money is in the wallet. And a participant can withdraw the money at any time. In fact, this project can be called a piggy bank when the investment periods are unlimited, and the deposit can be easily withdrawn.
Minimal sum to top up the wallet is 50$. The deposit can be profitable for life, the principal deposit can be withdrawn at any time, but there is one nuance about a fee. In the first month, the withdrawal fee is 10% from the withdrawal sum, then it will be decreased to 1%. Therefore, it is not profitable to withdraw the money in the first month, later on the fee percentage becomes negligable.
A user will get the profit in CTO, a monthly earning could be 9% - 12%. Note that an investor shouldn't worry of the procedure for buying the tokens in Cloud Token. Your wallet stores your money in the currency which you use to top up your account, and your money brings you profit. Additionally, you can earn from the Cloud Token exchange rate – once a coin exchange rate of the similar project Plus token went up by 15000%! As for CTO, it showed a good growth and has already doubled in price. The project is becoming popular, and the token price depends on the demand, that is why CTO is a very promising token.

• Minimal investment: $50 for all cryptocurrencies, except for USDT – $200.
• Payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, TUSD, USDT, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash.
• Withdrawal from the project: nearly immediate, tokens should be converted into a cryptocurrency before withdrawal.
• Fee: for deposit withdrawal – 10% first 30 days, then – 1%.
• Partnership program: available for the investors with the deposits of $500 and more. Targeted for 10 levels in depth: 100% from a 1-st level referral's profit, 50% - from a 2-nd level referral's profit and 5% from the referrals' profit in the next 8 levels. – registration in the project

The wallet has a mobile version, therefore you can use it on iOS and Android platforms or via an android-emulator for PC. Please follow the instructions below to register in Cloud Token project.

1. Select the wallet version which fits your device on the main page.

2. Download and start the app, open a new account by clicking "Create account".
3. Enter a code of an invitor 4728495803 - without it, registration will not work. 
4. On the next page enter a login and a password.
5. You will be generated a unique secret phare to restore the wallet (if anything happens in the future, and you have no access). It should be copied and saved, or even screenshoted.
7. Before browing the app to find out how to top up an account, go to the settings and set a two-factor authentication. Then select one cryptocurrency and transfer the money to your wallet. Now you can go to "Projects" section and activate your deposit.
7. Then you will start earning in tokens of Cloud Token project, we have already described above how to withdraw the profit – before that you should exchange the tokens into the required cryptocurrency.

Don't forget that the price of the token is rising and has already doubled. The exchange rate of the similar token in Plus token project rose by 150 times (from $0.5 to $74), that is why it is reasonable to keep the CTO tokens to earn more.