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Bnbholder reviews - paying or scam

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BNBholder is a highly profitable smart contract with a wide range of tariffs, a bonus system and the possibility of early withdrawal of deposits.

Information about the project

The platform is a smart contract project that offers everyone who wants to make a profit on the BNB cryptocurrency. Technically, the resource does not have a script, since all the functionality is provided by an algorithm written on the Binance Smart Chain, and instead of a personal account, the investor will perform actions directly with the wallet that supports the BNB token.

Beyond that, the fund’s website has standard characteristics, in particular, a unique design, there is data encryption and protection from CloudFlare. A big bonus is that the information on the pages is translated into several languages, and the project also has a detailed presentation telling about the features of cooperation with it.

Investment conditions in BNBholder

In depositors are presented with six tariffs that accept any amount from 0.05 BNB. You will earn 10-16 days of daily profit after depositing your money, while three out of six tariffs provide for early withdrawal of the deposit. This operation takes place after deducting the profit and system commission.

  • Yield: from 12% to 18.5% par day
  • Investment period: 10-16 days
  • Deposit amount: from 0.05 BNB
  • Breakeven exit: 9-6 days
  • Profit size: 20%-196%

The fund offers a bonus program that applies to those participants who do not withdraw profit from their balance. When investing in the first two tariffs, you will receive an additional + 0.2% for every day, if you do not create a withdrawal request. The maximum possible bonus for holders is 1% per day. Also, bonuses are paid upon reinvestment, in the amount of 2% of the total.

Marketing features:

  1. Deposit limits: from 0.05 BNB (maximum deposit is not limited).
  2. Accept payments: Binance Coin.
  3. System commission: 20% of the amount in case of early withdrawal.
  4. Minimum request: from 0.01 BNB.
  5. Type of profit payments: instant on request.
  6. Referral program: 5%-2%-1% from deposits.

Registration on the site

To become a BNBholder investor, you need first install a browser storage like Metamask or Trust Wallet on your device. These are popular and safe programs that you will have no problems installing and running. As such, there is no registration procedure in the project; for investing right at the entry you will be offered to scan the QR-code using your smartphone.
You can also connect the client using the button «Connect wallet» on the main page of the site.

Then a window will appear in which you will be asked to select a wallet, then the extension will open, where we need to confirm the connection.

Note that the Binance Smart Chain must be installed in the application. If you have done everything correctly, then the wallet will be successfully connected to the site, and you can proceed to the investment.

Scroll down to the description of the tariff conditions, choose the best option and enter the amount. After that, press the «Deposit» button and confirm the investment of funds through the storage.

After you invest, you will not only receive regular yield, but also the referral link will become active, and through the «Withdraw» button you will be able to withdraw your earnings.
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