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Latest 10 reviews

Bitaeon – reviews and status (paying or scam)

3 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings.
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3%-6% Daily for 50 days, principal included
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What is BitAeon?

BitAeon is a new generation investment platform that combines all the most popular earning options in one place. In addition to classic Forex trading and currency exchange, we use the full power of blockchain and crowdfunding. Blockchain is the main driving force behind the latest innovations in our world. Blockchain has created many new technologies that we now use in our project. It provides almost unlimited opportunities for developers to create applications, financial instruments and other decentralized services. Thanks to Blockchain, never before seen businesses thrive and take over the world. Fundraising through crowdfunding has become a standard business practice and has helped thousands of companies start their businesses. We are actively participating in crowdfunding by wetting money into projects that pay back our investments.

Private and Safe
Enhanced account protection combined with the privacy of BitCoin cryptocurrency as a payment processor.
Always instant
No more waiting - just one click and your output is immediately sent to the automatic processing queue.
Legal entity
BITAEON LIMITED is a registered company based in the UK. Our registration number is # 10875288 .

Our main goals is to make these investment markets accessible to everyone. In order to earn from investing in Blockchain you need to have a well developed base of knowledge. It takes a long time to master and the majority simply can not afford to do so. Even those who try often fail due to the complexity of these new technologies. That is where we come in and offer our services. We offer to take care of the hard part of the investment management, risk evaluation and leave you with the most enjoyable one – profiting. Our clients can enjoy the benefits from diverse investment portfolios in a simple and unified interface with our investment package.

+3.0% daily
Package AEON
+1.5% on the weekend
Aeon is an investment package that will generate regular daily profit of 3.0% on business days and 1.5% on weekends. This one-stop package includes investments in several tools to diversify risks and ensure daily returns. Some or all of your (body) deposit investments can be returned back to your account at any time , after the first 24 hours have passed. The return of the body has a penalty 10.0% , which will be deducted from the returned amount.

We worked hard to create a platform that would be simple and intuitive to the user, but would have all the important information for you in one place. Our diversified investment strategy allows us to earn income from investment opportunities 24/7. While the highest income is generated during working hours (Forex trading and currency exchange), we also receive a steady stream of passive income from our other funds - even on weekends.

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in the translation "life", "vitality" or "being", "generation" or "period of time", although often also "century", " eternity ", etc.
How it works?

All invested funds are transferred to our main fund (company fund). Each deposit receives a predetermined share size in accordance with the invested amount. The share size is used to determine the ROI (Return on Investment) value of each individual installment. Joint funds are used in various investment projects managed by our expert traders. We specialize in several portfolios to maximize the effectiveness of our investments.

The received dividends and income are transferred back to your personal account according to your share size. This approach guarantees high investment safety and stability without increasing the complexity of use for our clients. Even though we are doing all the investment management, you will always stay in charge of your funds and will be able to operate with them at your will. You can terminate your investment and withdraw your funds at any time.

About company

BitAeon Limited was formed in mid-2017 by Blockchain, a group of financial traders and entrepreneurs. The rapid growth in popularity of the Blockchain industry has become a key element that marked the beginning of the formation of a new alliance. Everyone understood that this new industry has the potential and in the right hands can bring profits not only to the imagination. We have gathered the brightest minds from various fields to ensure that all our decisions and actions are always supported by experience, analytics, research and calculations. Combining the knowledge and experience of financial trading with the opportunities offered by Blockchain technologies, we have created an investment system that can provide a stable source of income on a daily basis.

Company number: #10875288
90 Southwark St, London, SE1 0FD United Kingdom

Our team consists of sales experts and financial analysts who work hand in hand with our technical staff to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Blockchain. Teams combine the experience of more than two decades of asset management on Forex, Stocks, Exchanges, Bonds, Futures, Gold and others. They have established themselves and continue to do so, demolishing all the aisles of our expectations every day. We have a dedicated team of technicians who specialize in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Every day, our specialists customize and upgrade our neural network algorithms to maximize its effectiveness. The computing power offered by these systems helps us modulate and analyze most of the financial data in seconds. We are confident that together our team is always ready to stay ahead and make the right decisions in the ever-changing world of investment markets.


The investment industry is and will always be the concrete basis of our work, but this does not mean that we will limit ourselves. From the very beginning, one of the main goals of our company was to use the advantages offered by Blockchain and create our own personal currency. We still have a long way to go, but we are working hard to achieve this goal, which is not far off and will strengthen our position in the digital currency market!

Reviews on (Posts about SCAM approved only with the proofs)