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Albet reviews - paying or scam

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6.3% - 21.9% Daily for 5-20 Days, 3070% - 3570% After 90-120 Days
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AlBet is a medium interest resource with automatic payouts and balanced marketing. The project offers to earn from 6.3% on business days, accepts deposits in dollars and popular cryptocurrencies, and also offers the opportunity to earn on an affiliate program.

Information about the project

The investment fund was founded by professionals, who have been operating in the field of gambling, trading and investment for 19 years. The specialists of the company work on creation of strategies and technologies, which allow getting high profits with minimal risks. It is known that the platform is staffed by 57 specialists and the number of investors and partners exceeds 1200 participants. There is information on the website of the fund that in the future it is planned to include the most active investors and partners into the community.

Outwardly the project looks simple as it has atypical for high-yield funds design, nevertheless the technical assembly of the resource is at a proper level and everything necessary for the work is available. In particular, we can note the self-written script, a dedicated server, protection against hacker attacks and secure data encryption.

Investment conditions in AlBet has two investment lines: with regular payments on working days or return of deposit and profit at the end of term. The tariffs with regular payouts allow customers to open an investment with an amount starting from $1.9, which makes this line available to all depositors. The yield percentages look high, but since they include the body of the deposit, the platform is essentially a medium yield resource.

Daily tariffs

• Yield: from 6.3% to 21.9% on business days
• Investment period: from 5 to 20 business days
• Deposit: from $1.9
• Breakeven exit: from 5 to 16 working days
• Profit size: 9.5%-26%

After planes

• Yield: from 3070% to 3570% per day
• Investment period: 90-120 days
• Deposit: from $250
• Breakeven exit: at the end of the term
• Profit size: 2970%-3470%

Marketing features:

• Deposit limits: from $1.9.
• Accept payments: Perfect Money (in dollars), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
• Cryptocurrency conversion: the profit is accrued in the currency in which the deposit was created.
• Minimum withdrawal: none.
• Profit withdrawal: automatically (daily from 08:00 to 18:00).
• Affiliate program: from 1% to 20% of deposit amount (depends on tariff).

Registration on the website

Any Internet user who wishes to start cooperation with platform AlBet can do so, for this you need to visit the official website. There is no registration in the project, you only need to visit the «Make deposit» section, where you will be prompted to choose a tariff, specify the payment system and the amount.

Below, enter your email address, and in the case of creating a deposit in cryptocurrency you will also need to specify the address of your wallet. Finally, press the button «Pay deposit» and transfer funds to the details of the project by the selected way.

One of the important features of the fund is that the profit will be credited to the depositor automatically to the wallet: you do not need to create withdrawal requests.
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