Cryptocurrency Ink (INK): review, course and chart

Maximum offer 1,000,000,000 INK

The startup was launched at the end of 2017. Ink is a decentralized blockchain platform aimed at intellectual property security and art pieces (songs, images, articles, etc) exchange. Ink is based on Qtum's blockchain, due to which projects developed on different blockchains can interact with each other.

Due to the growth of the global network and social projects popularity, users who work in today's art industry get great opportunities for earning money. However, some major problems, including limited distribution of content, theft, and unauthorized use of the intellectual property without the necessary rights, may arise.

In the end, developers seek to create an ecosystem that can exclude intermediaries and simplify the relationship between creators and consumers to the maximum extent possible by protecting copyrights. The creative team also intends to convert the existing system to blockchain technology, which will only be advantageous. Each little-known developer will get a wide set of tools for the effective promotion of content.

INK is a digital token designed for use within a system. Customers will need to pay for almost all materials.

Developers are not ready to stop yet and continue working on the project, increasing the quality and quantity of services provided.

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