Cryptocurrency Groestlcoin (GRS): review, course and chart

The Groestl Algorithm
PoW/PoS mining method
Maximum offer 105,000,000 GRS

The project was launched in spring 2014, as a result of the BTC fork. Groestlcoin is a decentralized open-source privacy-oriented blockchain platform. Developers plan to popularize coin mining among ordinary users, so mining is possible with the help of central and graphic processors.

Groestlcoin uses a hybrid consensus method - Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. In turn, PoW accepts the Groestl algorithm and discourages mining on ASIC devices. PoS allows you to mine digital currency by storing GRS on your balance. The main advantages of Groestlcoin include accessibility for everyone, minimum fees, high data transfer rate, decentralization, and hack protection.

Their coin is GRS. Transactions are conducted between the parties to the transaction (payer and recipient), i.e. there is no need for a trusted intermediary to control the details of the transfer. All monetary transactions are checked by nodes and are recorded into the blockchain. For the convenience of users, they released 4 types of wallets, which have their features: HTML5, Electrum, Multibit, and a wallet designed exclusively for Android.

The company provides innovations every three months, offering a timer for participants, which can show how much time is left until the next release.

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