Cryptocurrency ETHEREUM (ETH): review, course and chart

The Dagger-Hashimoto Algorithm
Maximum offer 120,204,432 ETH

Year of creation: 2015. Vitaliy Buterin, a Canadian programmer with Russian origins, took part in the design and development.

Ethereum cryptocurrency is created as an alternative to Bitcoin, also a Blockchain platform. But there's a significant difference between the monetary units. BTC performs the functions of ordinary money from different countries (exchange method, means of saving and as a unit of payment for which you can buy goods services).

ETH has a wider range of options. Ethereum has the same properties as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and serves as a payment tool, an investment asset and a form of storage. Ethereum is designed to introduce business projects, conclude smart contracts, and develop applications. Among the advantages of currency, we can also highlight security, low price, availability, free transaction management, fast updating, and constant operation. Transactions are carried out between the parties by means of smart contracts. The speed of operations execution is instant.

ETH is a platform used for the creation of decentralized blockchain-based online services and has built-in cryptographic protection, which reliably protects against all kinds of fraud. Ethereum can be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges and exchanged for other digital currencies. It was originally designed to operate with smart contracts. The developers call Ethereum the "crypto-fuel."

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