Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Private (BTCP): review, course and chart

Equihash algorithm
Maximum offer of 21,000,000 BTCP
PoS mining method

The development team, led by Rhett Creighton, includes experts from many countries working in various fields.

Bitcoin Private is the first non-traditional fork that took place in the winter of 2018. The unique BTCP is considered a hard fork of 2 BTC and ZClassic systems at once. It combines their advantages by combining various open source technologies for greater user confidence. The main features include scalability; maximum privacy and security from theft; decentralized scheme; no premining (creators will not receive privileges and rewards); high speed of financial transactions; protection from duplicate transactions. Bitcoin Private uses the zero-disclosure proof method zk-SNARK to hide the information of participants.

All currency transactions will be saved on the public blockchain for transparency, but senders, recipients, and transfer amounts will be hidden from third parties, which ensures complete anonymity. Transaction confirmation time is 8 times faster than on Bitcoin.

BTCP is a platform coin that is received by holders of two currencies: ZCL and BTC in the amount (1:1). Mining is resistant to ASIC devices and is possible with the help of GPU (graphics cards), which will affect decentralization. The issue is limited.

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