Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC): review, course and chart

SHA-256 algorithm
Maximum offer 21,000,000 BTC

Year of creation: 2008. As far as it is known, the project was created by a group of developers under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin is considered to be the first and most famous digital currency, which is partially decentralized, i.e. is a monetary unit that cannot be touched and can be used only on the Internet. But it is well distributed and can be converted to paper money in almost any country. It is not a commercial pyramid scheme. Instead, it has properties and functions of common money as it is a method of exchange, a means of saving, and a unit of account at once.

The speed of money transfer is almost instant, and all operations/transactions are irreversible. This payment system data are stored in the clear code on the user's media system; there is no organization that could monitor and influence the exchange rate. The rate of BTC directly depends on supply and demand, that is, how much it is actively used. In Bitcoin, there is no personalization; all wallet holders are anonymous, which means that the transactions are also anonymous. All transactions are protected by cryptography.

Customers make their payments using the scan-and-pay scheme. You do not need to use a bank card for this, instead, you can open a QR code in your wallet. Besides, you do not need intermediaries or banks. There's no commission or account blocking and debt collection. Bitcoin gives you control over your money and a high degree of protection against fraud.

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