Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Interest (BCI): review, course and chart

Equihash algorithm
PoS mining method
Maximum offer 22,300,000 BCI

The project was created in the winter of 2018, as a result of the Bitcoin fork. At that, BCI was distributed among BTC holders in a one-to-one ratio, which had a positive balance at the time of the fork. The development team is quite experienced in the field. The main creators are Lars Mapstead, Aaron Mathis, Nicholas Dooley, and Manuel Gonzalez Garcia. They say that they do not intend to provoke competition for the original version as they implement a unique technology for the development of an entire ecosystem.

Bitcoin Interest is a blockchain platform that operates as a global payment system interested in technology, community, and savings.

Bitcoin Interest provides high-speed transactions. Compared to Bitcoin, the network allows you to generate lots of financial transactions per second.

The authors argue that the ecosystem needs to treat miners objectively and fairly, allowing them to get much more without using ASIC equipment.

The platform has an internal coin, BCI. Mining is carried out using video cards, providing greater decentralization of the network, allowing small miners to work (mine). Users have the option of passive earnings, i.e., they receive a percentage monthly or weekly for storing digital currency in their wallet. The amount directly depends on the amount of fixed currency.

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