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In plain English, cryptocurrency is an online digital currency (here are some examples you have heard of: PayPal, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Payeer and the like), which is calculated by cryptographic methods, uses blockchain and in most cases is decentralized. To make it more clear, let’s briefly consider what cryptography, blockchain, and decentralization are.

Cryptography is a method of calculating cryptocurrencies, which excludes the intervention of unauthorized persons, hackers, which is, in fact, data encryption. Blockchain is a chain of data that excludes the possibility of making any changes to itself since it is constantly checked against different copies of itself on different devices around the world. Here comes the decentralization of the cryptocurrency. You can’t just come to any particular office, turn off the server so that the coins would disappear. To do this, you’ll need to turn off the Internet around the globe. However, this may work with WebMoney or other non-decentralized online currency.

You also need to know about such a thing as a token. A token is not a cryptocurrency, but an electronic share of the company that issued it and sells it. For example, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with the BTC designation on exchanges, which does not depend on the state of any company and is self-sufficient. There are, for example, tokens of the well-known Binance BNB cryptocurrency exchange, which represent a kind of stock exchange shares and which will turn into dust in the event of any shocks, such as the bankruptcy of the company.

A lot of cryptocurrencies are present on the market, but there are thousands of tokens, and the number is increasing by the day. We should put the border between a common currency and a token (albeit expensive) of some third-rate company.

Now that we have figured out the basic concepts, let’s take a closer look at cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk about the first cryptocurrency, the crypto-coins, which cryptocurrencies are the most expensive ones, which are more profitable, anonymous and prospective, online-charts of rates changes, and current rates.

The first cryptocurrency. Which cryptocurrency is better?

The concept of blockchain and cryptography is known almost for everyone since new cryptocurrencies and dozens of tokens from different companies arise every day. The world first learned about blockchain and bitcoin in 2008 under the authorship of Satoshi Nakamoto. Since then, BTC has come a long way in its development and has spawned many new digital currencies developed on the same principle. Most cryptocurrencies copy the bitcoin blockchain and do not represent any value, but other developments have their advantages and unique abilities.

You should pay attention to the list of the best 100 coins in terms of trading volumes, and not look at the cryptocurrencies. Among them, there are many tokens, many ordinary BTC forks, but there are also those new crypto-coins that deserve to become part of your investment portfolio or which are profitable to trade on numerous exchanges.

The cost of cryptocurrency today is primarily formed by the interest of the community, so if cryptography cannot offer any new developments or ideas, users will not be interested in such a currency.

Cryptocurrency rates (charts) in the real-time mode

On our authoritative resource Hyip-zanoza, you will find a complete list of all existing cryptocurrencies that are displayed in the real-time time and are categorized by asset value and trading volume. Here you will find the cheapest and most expensive currencies and the most promising cryptocurrencies. You will be able to track prices and make your preliminary forecasts.

By choosing the cryptocurrency you are interested in and clicking on the active link, you will be taken to the personal page of the crypto-coin with its full description, where you can read a fairly detailed overview of the currency, see the price and rate charts, read the latest news and tweets, and see the reviews of live investors.

This approach will allow you not to dig through hundreds of some dubious online resources looking for nuggets of information on a particular cryptocurrency. You should have all the necessary information on hand so that you could analyze and use it.

Here, on the personal page of the currency, you will also find all the possible offers on crypto exchanges where it is traded and where you can also briefly familiarize yourself with online trading platforms. The cryptocurrency chart is always at your disposal, 24 hours a day.