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The hyips popularity is growing faster, so more and more network users choose high-income earnings. However, not every investor can succeed here, therefore the choice of the investment fund should be made as carefully as possible. In such cases, we may need the help of specialists that can help us learn the features of an investment instrument.
We recommend using a parameter called AlexaRank (provided by the site) when conducting the project analysis. Alexa Rank is influenced by such factors as the number of visitors and the number of website page views. Besides, the lower the rating of any website, the better. For instance, on, the Alexa parameter is 1, which means that this website is the most visited in the world.

Based on this information, we can draw a conclusion of how popular hyips are and in what regions it is advertised most. After analyzing these data, we can conclude about the advertising campaign effectiveness and the prospects of the project.

The number of companies launched is growing each day, and all of them offer a variety of conditions for every taste. The platforms differ not only in investment conditions but also in the level of technical performance. Even professional/potential investor is not able to analyze all these important aspects for tens and hundreds of projects every day. Here comes our service that will help you save time and effort. It works on the principle of: allhyipmonitor, on the pages of which you can find information about new/popular sites. The aggregator will tell you about the features of technical training, their marketing, methods of deposit/withdrawal, type of payments, etc. Besides, the resource will tell you about the websites we would not recommend investing in. With the help of the information received, the investor will be able to decide if he/she wants to invest in the company.

Hyips accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency tools that allow us to increase our digital finances are becoming more popular by the day. This is a specific direction of investment, so you should pay attention to such funds since not all depositors are ready to make deposits in cryptocurrency and they work most often for a limited range of users. Besides, due to the volatility of the exchange coins rate, their work can be unstable, so many investors bypass such platforms.

The analysis of Bitcoin hyips is a complex process of studying their features, which will allow us to conclude about the prospects of the website. We do not recommend doing this by yourself, but, on the contrary, advise you to request assistance from professionals on the resources that we have described above. This is especially true for projects that accept cryptocurrency only, because investing in such funds may bear some additional risks.